Weekend Music Madness

Taking a page out of the book about ganking, I spontaneously decided to start doing these music madness posts on Fridays instead of not posting at all. I’m sure there are plenty of people who don’t have the time or desire to read long drawn out posts on a Friday, but there are probably a few that appreciate a procrastination opportunity even on the last day of the week. I’ll (probably) be ordering these by music genres, which means that they will be very hit & miss, especially because I listen to so many genres. Because music is an integral part of my life (even the gaming one), I can assure you the entries will be completely dependant on the current inspiration and despite being semi-ordered they will still be very much impromptu.

I’ll start off with something that almost everyone can enjoy, a bit of vocal magnificence. It all started with me discovering a great tune, which made me remember other great vocal tunes I knew about and enticed me to go enjoy them again.

This is the tune – Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap. It might be an old song but I’ve never heard it until now (expect for the stolen part) and it is quite something.

I actually don’t care much for the retail version of this next song and I don’t really listen to this artist normally, but I think that the “less is more” version I stumbled upon is excellent – Run Run Run by Natasha Bedingfield. (This video actually shows her singing but it won’t load outside of the US.)

Next is a band I adore – When The Sun Hits by The Gathering (originally by Slowdive). Although the cover is quite “rocky”, I love it because of the vocals. Anneke van Giersbergen is amazing.

And a bonus, Africa by Perpetuum Jazzile (originally by Toto). Amazing a cappella rendition.

That’s it for this post, enjoy.

PS: Don’t be afraid to contribute. If you know of any similar awesomeness share it.


6 thoughts on “Weekend Music Madness

  1. Can’t hear the songs at work (no speakers)..
    but as it seems to be mostly pure vocal songs I have to add Bobby McFerin. He’s a genius if you ask me ..

    Just some examples:

    The second one is more music theory and natural understanding of scales than a song, but it’s so funny that I have to add it ;)

    • I only knew Bobby McFerrin from Don’t Worry, Be Happy (oldie goldie). Never knew he was a conductor and a musical genius, prolly because I never took notice.

      Love how he managed to involve the audience, his shows must be a blast. :D

    • That is indeed an awesome piece of music. Uplifting music! Love the vocal. Can you explain what Oxala is btw? As far as I gather it’s a place in Portugal? I find that I don’t need to understand the language to enjoy the song, but I’m curious. :)

      Speaking of not needing to understand the lyrics, this is something I found as a result of hearing some Bobby McFerrin: Jorane.

      PS: I fixed the embedding thing in your comment. All the awesomeness in one place. :D

      Edit: Doh, didn’t watch the first minute of that video.

      • I didn’t either, her English is atrocious.

        “Oxalá” is just a way of saying “I hope.” The song’s all about things she’d like to see happen, like tomorrow.

      • Jorane is singing in jibberish, words are made up on the spot, they are improvised and only meant to convey music, not meaning. Got you! :D

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