The art of blowing your trumpet

As you might be aware, patch 1.4.2 is live on the servers. I’ve talked about it a bit here, and concluded that while Mythic is taking steps in the right direction in order to balance the game, they are not addressing the worm of stale content that is eating into the game. The focus of the game might be PvP, but by now I’m sure that everyone realises that players can’t be entertained by the same few ways of killing someone for 3 years. It seemed as if Mythic didn’t. But there was a glimmer of hope in those patch notes, a revamped Mourkain Temple making it back into the T3 and T4 scenario pool. What I imagined would be a slightly changed scenario, in order to fix some of the more apparent flaws in its design, turned out to exceed my expectations several times over. Imagine my surprise when I watched the below video made by Werit.

The new layout looks incredibly impressive. Not only has the biggest flaw of the map been fixed, namely the cramped layout full of chokes making AoE damage and crowd control incredibly powerful, but the scenario has been changed so much that it’s actually a brand new scenario by this point. When the layout of an area changes this much, the whole mindset, tactics and the playthrough experience change drastically. It can be said that the “new” Mourkain Temple is actually brand new content.

I’m quite sure that this scenario redesign took more resources and time to implement than any of the other changes in the patch notes. In addition, it’s something WAR sorely needs, new content (ok it’s not, but it’s damn close). You’d think that Mythic would have hyped and advertised this a bit more. And yet, the patch notes hardly mention this addition and the few lines added at the bottom appear like an afterthought, like Mythic weren’t planning on adding them to the change log at all.

Which is extremely puzzling. It means that either a) they don’t have the time to blow their trumpet a bit more or b) they don’t deem this important enough to warrant their time. If it’s a) then that could be good news. Especially considering the newly released Community Update mentions Sigmar Tide again, crafting changes and even a possible crafting profession addition (none of which will improve the lifespan of the game as much as I’d have liked though). If it’s b), then that means that Mythic aren’t really aware of one of the biggest problems (if not the biggest) WAR has, which is the need for new content to keep players interested. Content that is not extra renown ranks or overpowered gear, that is. By the way, does that screenshot look like the floorgrates in the Bright Wizard college to you too (the ones beneath the head BW guy)?

In any case, I found it extremely curious that the one change in those patch notes that made me want to resub and probably took the longest time to implement, would have been completely ignored from my side if I didn’t bother reading the whole patch notes and scrolling all the way to the bottom (or seeing Werit’s video). Of course, I’m in no way attempting to trivialise the importance of the armor balance changes, as they were sorely needed. But the fact that they were long overdue and that I can’t test those changes in person (not planning on resubbing just yet), make them much less appealing than the prospect of a fresh breeze in WAR, even if it is just a revamped scenario.


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