Blog anniversary

On year ago on this very day I posted my first blog post, which probably means today is the blog’s one-year anniversary. I thought I would share some of the blog’s stats, as it seems to be a blogging tradition to do so once a year. I’ll also ask for some reader input so I can improve the blog and hopefully write better posts in the future. If you can spare a few minutes I implore you to at least read the feedback section below and leave a comment. Each and every one is appreciated.


So let’s have a look at those stats. In the past 365 days there have been:

  • 111 posts
  • 1563 spam comments
  • Roughly 14,000 visits

The top 5 posts were:

The top 3 categories used were:

  • Gaming
  • Warhammer Online
  • MMO

The top 3 tags used were:

  • upcoming changes
  • career balance
  • proposed changes

The top 3 referrers were:

A few curious search terms:

  • im so pissed dark millenium is wow clone – It’s not even out yet dude!
  • league of legends breasts
  • can you tame a weasel – It turns out you can’t.
  • rift fails, just like mark jacobs
  • pissing – Wait, what?
  • do they realy want a holy war ? – So much about religions being peaceful.
  • the qq mail servers appear to be unable or unwilling to process email from this server, perhaps you have some other email address. this one can’t be used; sorry. – Ok, wtf?

I need to thank each and every one of my readers, commenters and referrers. I’ve had a lot of fun blogging for the past year and hopefully entertained and helped a few of you in the process.

Feedback wanted

I’m always striving to improve both the blog and my writing. However, it’s hard to know exactly what needs to be worked on without reader feedback. Which is exactly why I’ll ask you, dear readers, to read the list of things I’d love feedback on, which you can find below. Of course, you aren’t limited to the points on the list, I’ll be happy of any sort of meaningful feedback (even if you just post to say you enjoy the blog!). And please, be brutally honest, that’s the only type of feedback that helps.

Also, please keep in mind that I read all comments, it makes no difference when or where they are posted (as long as they are on my blog). Leaving a comment on an old post is something you should absolutely do, if you believe you have something to add. This is especially true for this post.

Thanks in advance.

Ze list of points of interest:

  • Does the blog’s appearance appeal to you? Do you think it’s dated and needs updating? Is it too NSFW, or too minimalistic (not flashy enough)? Do the layout and widgets need work?
  • Does the writing style need to be simpler, or more elaborate? Are the posts easy enough to read or do you find them incoherent and complicated?
  • Is there a need for more non-text content (images, videos, music)? Are the posts bland or boring with just text?
  • Does the current content appeal to you? What kind of posts would you like to see in the future (see the planned content below if you’re unsure)?
  • What direction do you think the blog should head in? Focus on one MMO or game, try to cover certain points of interest in all of the PC gaming, just MMOs and online games or even narrowing it down to a certain genre like PvP or RPG games?

The future

For reference, this is some of the content that I’m planning on posting about:

  • Free to play games like LotRO, Global Agenda and World of Tanks
  • Review-thingies of The Witcher, The Witcher 2, Mortal Online and Startopia
  • Finishing a diary on Mortal Online and starting a new, shorter one on Dragon Age 2
  • A few posts hyping up Guild Wars 2
  • A post examining WAR and it’s success/failure

Also, I’m trying to come up with a title for my upcoming review-thingies. I can’t really call them reviews because I’m not giving them any kind of grade and they’re a bit too subjective for that anyway. Any input?

Again, thanks for reading and here’s hoping that you continue visiting the blog. Remember to be generous with your comments and share the content you like, both with me and with others.


9 thoughts on “Blog anniversary

  1. Happy Birthday!

    You were, as I recall, the first person to add me to their blog roll which proves that you are a man of impeccable taste and therefore I think you’re great!


    I really like your writing style. I find it humorous (when it’s supposed to be), and easy to follow. I also like the level of detail you provide when doing ‘reviews’. You don’t get bogged down in too many technical details but still impart the nature of the game. Your discussions of the ‘more serious’ gaming topics are very good.

    The layout is nice, but I do prefer a more minimal blog. I think the focus should be on the writing. I like the darker background and may steal this idea for my own blog in the future :)

    As far as ‘constructive criticism’ the only thing I would say is that some of your posts are rather long. They are always good but I’d like to see them split up into two (or more) parts. It would make them easier to read and allow for readers to comment on key concepts as they work their way through the article. It would also allow you to post more often per week as the article would already be written…you’d just have to chop it up.

    Happy birthday, and keep writing!

    • Thanks for the feedback and all the ego stroking Gankalicious, my man crush but in a non-sexual way. More like in a bromance way. Only not sexual. Yes, quite *cough*.

      Glad you enjoy the blog. I’ll try to split any longer posts into several parts from now on, you’re quite right there. And steal away, I think this wordpress template is fantastic. I’m only missing an RSS blogroll feed like the one Blogger has. I’ll do some experimenting and no doubt break the whole thing by next week.

      • Yes, it’s understood that man-crushes are non-sexual, especially virtual ones!

        I played around with WordPress briefly when I started my blog but caved and went blogger because it was just easier to set up and get started. I think the WordPress ones, as a whole, look a bit nicer though.

  2. Feel free to hit up my brother and I on LOTRO (Elendilmir). We plan on hitting up their next set of content after the summer. TO ISENGUARD!

    I’ll be honest and tell you that there are times when the hurdle of information you present can be daunting at times. However, you usually present a valid point throughout and in an entertaining way. Suggestion? Possible increase in images inserted spaciously throughout the lengthier posts.

    I’ll always stop by Zewar though, it’s become a normal route through the internet at this point. :)

    • Hm, you guys playing on NA servers? Think there’d be any timezone/lag issues? And if I do join you guys, I’d have to roll a hobbit for sure. THEY’RE TAKING THE HOBBITS TO ISENGARD!

      Thanks for the honest opinion, I sensed that the sheer scope of my posts is somewhat of a turnoff at times, and a lot of the times I can’t really realise the scope itself and the post comes out half-arsed.

      I’ll try to insert more screenshots in my posts, but I’m really having problems finding proper material at times. If I’m talking about a game screenshots aren’t hard to come by of course, but when the post is about metagame, ideas or mentality, it’s sometimes hard to find graphical materials to put in it. And I’m really not a fan of finding random pictures of things vaguely connected to the post or inserting lolcats or similar stuff into posts (although I did try that when I started out).

      I will try my best though. Cheers again. :D

      • Even though it’s a NA server, it’s an ‘unofficial’ Oceanic server. There are some big aussie guilds there and it’s usually active at all times of the day.

        Keep up the good work! :D

  3. Wel..grats on the anniversary ;)

    I like your writing style, but like Gankalicious I would like to see some shorter posts or maybe split up of longer posts.. there need not to be cliff-hangers though ;)

    On the questions regarding the content.. just write about what you like. It’s your blog and if you want to focus, you should focus on the stuff that’s interesting for you in the first place, not forcing yourself to something just because it’s interesting for someone else.

    • Thanks, I’ll try to split longer posts from now on. With no cliffhangers. :P

      It’s true that it’s my blog, but my primary motivation for blogging beside the fact that I find it enjoyable, is to reach an audience that will find my posts entertaining and useful. That’s why I want to primarily appease to the audience, rather than myself. And it’s not like I would be forcing myself to do anything, since I was merely giving the option of choosing blog content from everything I enjoy (PC gaming in general). If people want to see more MMO/singleplayer/FPS/RTS/whatever content, I’m happy to oblige. I love all of them. :D

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