A thank you

Today I’d like to take a bit of time and thank someone who has been active in the community and stepped in when Curse pulled the plug on WarDB. I’m talking about blogger Rancid, the creator of WARdrobe.

WARdrobe filled the gap when WarDB died and performed amiably. It’s surprising because it was developed in a relatively short timeframe and yet had a professional look and feel about it. People used it and loved it.

I’m talking in the past tense because one month ago Rancid announced that he can’t afford (or isn’t willing) to continue the development and the hosting of the website. No one can fault him for that. What we could fault him for is being selfish and keeping the website’s code for himself. But that’s not what he has done. He took a huge step and made the code completely open-source, which means that anyone can mod it and use it as they want.

Your friendly neighbourhood blogger Werit has taken up the mantle and now hosts WARdrobe along with his own item database, Arsenal of WAR.

You can visit Rancid’s blog here and show your appreciation there. In any case, I wish Rancid good luck in the future and may the solar winds guide him to stable and enjoyable games. Huge thanks to him for an amazing community tool and to Werit for picking it up.

Go community.


4 thoughts on “A thank you

    • That’s funny, yesterday wordpress kept telling me that that blog has been removed or archived and wouldn’t let me view it (that’s why I used google’s cache to link to one of the posts).

      The comment about Werit comes across as a bit of a joke (I hope?).

  1. First, thanks for all the kind words! I’m happy WARdrobe ended up how it did. I like Werit a lot. It was a fun project to work on, and I actually learned a lot of neat stuff about LUA and various other programming thingydos.

    My blog went poof the other day due to being flagged as a spam site. Apparently the wordpress bots thought it was bad. I emailed them and it is now back online. Hooray!

    Again, thanks for the dedicated post. I do appreciate it!


    • Showing appreciation when it’s due. Eventhough I’m no longer that active in WAR I still realise the importance of community initiative. Plus, your website help me out tons aswell, when writing posts and not remembering exact abilities or builds. :)

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