Norn my fault

Apologies for the lack of Mortal Online updates, but until Star Vault manages to fix their servers the game is almost unplayable. The server restarts randomly, which makes any kind of prolonged play futile. I’m expecting them to gift players some free subscription once they fix them. They probably won’t be giving any free time to trial players, but I can always make another trial account. Which means that I am in no way done with Acutely Mortal.

Now I’m forced to play League of Legends, a game I’ve dabbled in the past, but never really gotten into. When I say forced, I mean compelled to play by my PvP glands. The game can be extremely frustrating, especially for a newbie like me, but I’m still enjoying it. If anyone feels like flexing their muscles or teaching a newbie how to play the game, my summoner name is Blaqq (QQ in the end is intentional, I do it a lot).

The real reason for this post is the GDC Guild Wars 2 video. Watch it, be amazed and express your amazement in the comments down below. Or just comment on how much I suck at LoL. Or how much I suck in general.

PS: Hah, take that Thrangis. Slowpoke. :P


6 thoughts on “Norn my fault

  1. Harooo! You beat me to it! Though, I have been rounding up all norn/guardian videos I am allowed to download without a subscription to anywhere. DAMN YOU IGN!

    I’ll be posting them after PAXEast. <3

    Great stuff though, I love how squishy they made the Thief.

    You can check out an article at Massively, I think it's a Thief from the Charr perspective.

    • Glad to hear you found the posts entertaining. There will certainly be more in the future when (if) Star Vault can stabilise their servers.

  2. I’ll add ya next time I’m on mate, play as Sarigs over on LoL and has been a near perfect PvP replacement while I haven’t been able to WAR recently!

    • Yeah it is nice, but I’m struggling cause I keep going back to carry heroes which seem to be the hardest to play. I can do very well with a tank but I keep playing Ashe and Pantheon and sucking. :D

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