Special renown specialisation troubles

Remember back in November how I was complaining about the new renown window being complete crap right before 1.4 went live? My hopes of it being a placeholder piece of UI that will get replaced with something functional were in vain, the useless thing is still in the game. But now an addon developer called Varonth has set out to right that wrong with an addon called AdvancedRenownTrainer. Here’s what he has to say:

With 1.4 Mythic introduced new renown abilities aswell as renown rank 100. Because of these changes, the old Renown Training Window was no longer useable, and therefore they introduced a new one. Sadly with this new window, which is basically just an unsorted list of abilities, is missing some features, which made skilling or reskilling renown abilities troublesome.

But with Advanced Renown Trainer, those features are available once again, and the UI is replaced by a tab-based window, with tabs for basic stats, advanced stats, defensive stats and abilities.

Well said. And coded even better. While not exactly what I had in mind (mine was a horizontal layout), it incorporates many useful functions I’d never have though of, support for importing WARdrobe renown specs and a preset function among others. I recommend everyone that respecs their renown more than once a year to grab this addon and turn a torturous ordeal into an every day affair. What developers can’t be arsed to fix, addon developers do. I only wish the community could start coding out the game bugs themselves.


6 thoughts on “Special renown specialisation troubles

  1. Now coding out the game’s bugs? THAT would happen. Myself and a few others in my guild code on the side, (some professionally), nothing big, we don’t do add-on development (no time to support them), but we can tweak and fix them as needed (we fixed enemy for Guild use a couple of days after it was broken).

    I know there are coders out there (myself included) who would rage incoherently at bugs/etc. in PVE, and then sit down with the guild for the rest of the night, hammer it out, test it, and continue on, leaving a better instance behind. Would that Mythic would let us do this. (Perhaps there would need to be checks, but come on, they would get people to PAY them to fix their game!)

    Rah. Good idea though!

    • I know that there are MANY coders who feel like you and your guildies, hence the big addon community for a relatively small game. If only Mythic allowed people access to the code, so they could send them the fixed code. But I guess that would create more problems than it would solve (you can’t just give away the code, and they’d have to have a lot of people checking the incoming code, not to mention the code conflicting that would happen).

      Only a dream. :(

  2. For a long time I have wanted to find a way for developers and communities to find a way to work together more.

    Basically utilizing a community would mean free workers the same way that open source software grows quickly.

    I am not saying WAR should go open source obviously. I would however like to see a serious discussion between developers on how they can better utilize their consumers.

    • Well there are core testers who test stuff and work with Mythic when implementing new things. But it feels as most of the core testers aren’t really fit to be that (or so I heard from some of them) so the scope of what they can do as a whole is very limited. It seems Mythic either sucks at picking core testers or they don’t know how to use free manpower.

  3. It looks like they are asking a lot more on the forums. I like the direction of things.

    It still does not get the users actually contributing beyond ideas but it is still a nice start for WAR.

    I wander who had the policy in place to keep devs off the forums originally.

    • I believe they used that policy since DaoC, supposedly it makes the job of community managers, marketing people and whoever decides what info gets released into the public much harder.

      At least that’s what the former DaoC community manager said (something in that vein).

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