Good things come in pairs

Evidence presented below:


Remember this little comic I posted in one of my early posts?

At the time I didn’t know who the creator of that gem was, as I had picked it off a forum post on the official forums, but later couldn’t find the thread. I tried asking around and even asked readers to post a comment if they know who it is, but I never found out. Until now. It’s kinda stupid really, since I stumbled on it while reading Karak Norn forums on WHA, something I don’t do very often. Turns out that the creator of the comic is, in fact, a Nornian and that he has many more comics from where the above one came from.

They’re made by Georgi Valchev, also known as Archexecutor, a Marauder (and a DoK) of Unnamed, also known as the inventor of “KER-BOMB!” (always in caps). I strongly recommend you check out his website, The Unnamed LULZ, for more WAR comic related hilarity.


There’s an awesome little flash game that just ate half my day called Rebuild. It’s basically a sim game about a zombie apocalypse – no, don’t leave! It’s quite good, I promise. It’s a bit like the recently released Atom Zombie Smasher (from what I played in the demo anyway), but less to do with the killing itself and more to do with managing the survivors, their food, recruitment, giving out attack orders and reclaiming territories.

It’s prodcedurally generated, which makes it’s quite random, but randomness works both ways, it can annoy the hell out of you or give you a pleasant surprise.

Anyway, have a go. I recommend starting at the harder modes because normal is just too easy. (via. RPS)



6 thoughts on “Good things come in pairs

  1. Things I learned while killing zombies.

    -The world pretty much works the same but with zombies.
    -Graveyards are useless. People need to just cremate themselves.
    -There are a lot of trailer parks pre-apocolypse. I think the two are related.
    -Do not draft a constitution unless you are prepared for hordes of Constitution hating zombies.

      • Yeah… I think I did them all. I took over the whole map. There were a few times I was asked if I wanted to keep going to accept my victory. Victory in my book is not until every last shuffler is dead.

        *puts on cool-guy shades*

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