No comment

Dear readers,

There will be no post commenting on the about-to-be released 1.4.1 patch because it is simply not worth it. The patch is a steamy pile of shit that any decent developer would call a hotfix. Therefore I decided to spare everyone some time and frustration by not commenting on them at all. I will not even link the patch notes because I feel they are a health hazard to any player and shouldn’t be advertised, similarly to how you don’t advertise sniffing glue. If you’re intending to go read the patch notes anyway, I should warn you that anyone who:

  • has a heart illness or defect
  • is pregnant
  • is of sane mind

should consult their doctor before reading the bloody thing.

Thank you and have a nice day.


14 thoughts on “No comment

    • Well played, Sir, well played.

      I feel that anyone reading my blog at this point is either a lunatic or a player with a genuine interest in the game (perhaps even love). Either way, a reader of mine reading those patch notes could lead to frustration so severe they’d have to be hospitalised. So in order not kill my readerbase I don’t want them reading the patch notes.

      Also, as excruciating reading those patch notes was, it wasn’t that near to being a health hazard for me. But you never know, because I’m one of those less sensitive types. Better safe than sorry.

  1. Hey, I’m happy they fixed the 7-pc Warlord bonus for Zealots!

    … I’m seriously debating slotting the new tactic and 7-pc Warlord just to F*** with BWs and SWs, Engis… well… everyone really.

  2. I know you said you would not make a post commenting on 1.4.1 so give me one sentence that sums up the biggest “fuck me, are they serious?” moment.

    I am not really impressed with what they have done. However I am not angry either. It is along the lines of what I expected. The only thing that excited me on the list was the change to the renown cap. Although it is nice to see Tor Anroc on the scenario list.

    • Sure there are a couple of good things in there, but they are either something that would need to have been implemented/fixed a long time ago or just very small details. I know that I’ve written more than once that fixing tiny things often, helps and that they need to make small but frequent steps in patching, but when the game is in the state it’s in now, things like that won’t help (or that the stuff being fixed are things most didn’t have an problems with). Not to mention that they haven’t addressed any of the real issues.

      I’ve already said my part on the balacing changes and Mythic’s cluelessness when it comes to that area.

      A patch this crappy might have been expected, but I see this as the last nail in the coffin. The ship is sinking and there’s no hope left. That’s why I’m angry, frustrated and why I couldn’t be bothered to blog about it.

  3. “I feel that anyone reading my blog at this point is either a lunatic or a player with a genuine interest in the game”

    Well I’ve been unsubbed for quite a while and I haven’t bothered since the release of the “packs”, so I suppose I’m an utter lunatic! Nontheless I’m curious as to what you are planning to do when things go (further) to hell.

    New MMO or take a break from MMOs in general?

    • I will probably take a break from MMOs until either Planetside 2 launches or GW2 (and if they are good). Dunno what to do with the blog though. I’ll probably keep blogging about single player games and MMO news.

      • Ah, I’m sure this isn’t the last you’ve read of WAR on this blog, I haven’t thrown in the towel yet. ;)

        Plus, there’s war in almost every MMO out there. Except for maybe Hello Kitty Online, which I’m not planning on playing anyway. :P

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