MMO Wars

I’m testing Rift at the moment while still trying to keep up my regular raging WAR appearances. Which means I’m quite busy (some call it lazy in their ignorance), like always. Thoughts on Rift will follow, but for now I want to post a video of an MMO I’m currently most excited about. Here’s 50 minutes of Guild Wars 2 in-game footage. Apparently it shows the prologue and the starting area. You can see it here. Go watch, it’s exciting (non-embeddable, sorry).

(via. RPS comments)


2 thoughts on “MMO Wars

  1. There’s a lenghty post in the works, 1,6k words for now. I’ll be posting it today or early tomorrow, but it’s kinda crap since an opinion of a beta (not a really positive one at that) won’t be well received, and doesn’t really matter.

    About GW2, I think I’m getting hyped up. Which is a good thing, as long as I don’t go overboard. :P

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