Gear is irrelevant

Or is it? I’ve seen a lot of people claim that gear in WAR is irrelevant and the only factor that determines the fights is skill. This was quite a while back, but this claim surfaces up every now and then. When I saw someone making this (rather absurd) claim, I immediately thought I should write a post comparing a few pieces of gear. To be able to compare really high renown rank ones I needed to do it on my Warrior Priest, as her renown rank is the highest. I had to wait to get to RR80 and the right Sovereign pieces though, so it took a while. And now that I’ve done it, it’s become largely irrelevant. But still, it’s a post and some readers might be interested in a comparison.

I compared five pieces of Annihilator and the same five pieces of healing Sovereign. I picked those two sets because they bear the most resemblance while being at the opposite ends of the gear spectrum (and they’re both acquired through RvR). I didn’t take the five piece bonus of Annihilator (+2 passive to Salvation mastery tree) into account. It’s a +4% delve on Salvation spells, which results in approximately 17.5 willpower contribution to the new (post nerf) TotD, or a flat 8.65 increase to the delve (which is 350).

The comparison was done on a RR80 character without a renown or mastery spec. All equipment slots beside the five armor slots were empty and I was only paying attention to the stats relevant to a healing Warrior Priest.

Full Annihilator:

  • Wounds: 468
  • Initiative: 132 (23.5% chance to be crit)
  • Toughness: 191
  • Armor: 2087
  • Resists: 320 Corporeal
  • Avoidances: 10.6% Disrupt, 4.8% Dodge
  • Willpower: 382
  • Healing Crit: 5%
  • Healing Bonus: 76.4

Five piece Sovereign (helm, shoulders, chest, gloves, boots):

  • Wounds: 601
  • Initiative: 191 (15.3% chance to be crit)
  • Toughness: 239
  • Armor: 2860
  • Resists: none
  • Avoidances: 10.6% Disrupt, 4.1% Dodge
  • Willpower: 470
  • Healing Crit: 9%
  • Healing Bonus: 106.6

Those are the stats. Important to note is the fact that this isn’t really a gear comparison. Since RvR gear in WAR is quite easy to acquire it’s a comparison of renown ranks. And in this aspect we shouldn’t forget the various perks and bonuses higher renown ranks have over the lowbies. In this instance we are comparing a renown rank 33 character against a RR80 one. The difference would be:

  • 4 mastery points
  • 47 renown points
  • 2 x 25 AP pool increase
  • +1 passive to all mastery trees

Also keep in mind that while comparing I discarded three good Sovereign pieces that you aren’t likely to find a replacement for before or after RR90 (or whatever RR that new very rare equipment from city sieges is). With those three pieces also come three additional bonuses, which greatly benefit any career and widen the power gap even more.

If you ask me I’d say gear, or rather renown rank, makes a huge difference. So when you’re facing off against a higher ranked opponent you will need a lot of luck in addition to knowing how to react and play it out to win. Although in most cases winning will be impossible. If you don’t want to get stomped when ranking up in tier 4 make sure to play with a group of higher ranked players, as their support can even out the difference in ranks and gear between your opponent and you.


10 thoughts on “Gear is irrelevant

  1. Indeed it does. One of the reasons I stopped playing pre 1.4 was because of the power gap I noticed with my RP. I was around rr35 or so when I hit rank 40 and got absolutely leveled. I couldn’t do anything unless I was completely left alone by the opposition and then I posted some dreadful healing stats compared to the higher ranked healers. It was very discouraging. I’d like to see the game based on skill and tactics rather than gear but I guess we have to work with what we have- and complain a lot to the developers :)

    • A tier for the higher level players would do away with much of the power gap. Segregated scenarios/city instances/ORvR. But Mythic seems reluctant to do that, no idea why.

  2. I like to meet these people that skill makes up more gear and smack ’em.

    Granted, skill does help quite a bit. But the separation is too great. What’s missing from your stats is the bonuses you receive. After the sob revamp it made all the stats useful in the direction a player wanted to go. On top of that sob does suffer from any useless bonuses. It’s all great.

    Though yes, skill is then the giant separator, but you have a lot more room for error with everyone in those stats.

    • Yes you are right, I did forget about that. Though those slots can be filled with equal or slightly worse items (LotD cape + jewel combo with 3 piece glyph set, keep PQ purple bag cloak or jewelry for some careers), but you won’t see most of them on annihilator level.

      I’ll edit the post, thanks. :)

    • Renown rank 80 players effectively get another level, as they get passive +1 to mastery points, but apparently that also affects hit calculations (possibly stealth detect aswell?). With 1.4 players get more effective levels at RR84, 88, 92, 96 and 100. So a RR100 player is effectively rank 46 which does affect hit calculations (Mythic’s headache is caused by this problem afaik, but then again they did go in a roundabout way to award people for grinding renown).

      • Well that’s a rather big difference. If I was to compare hitting a rank 35 mob and a rank 40 mob, for a simple comparision.

      • Don’t forget AP pool increases with RRs. Big difference between a RR80 AM and RR40 is also a just a base difference of having I think about 60 more AP in the pool. Which also grants faster AP gen.

      • Yep, it’s in there, along with 4 mastery points, 47 renown points and +1 passive to all masteries.

        I believe it’s 2×25 AP, 50 AP in total. I might be mistaken though.

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