DOOM! GLOOM! I quit!

That title generally sums up the feelings in the WP/DoK community after the recent change. But in my opinion, and the opinion of the fellow guildie WPs, these are the last cries of the FotM rerollers before rerolling again or quitting. There is no doubt in a sane mind that the healing of melee healers needed to be toned down. It forced players into an over-reliance on those two careers in competitive play and made other healers obsolete. Mythic took the first step, how did they do? Read below.

Surprisingly well. If this was only the first step in rebalancing healers then it was spot on (for once). They wanted to tone down the spike healing of salvation WPs and Dark Rites Disciples, as they provided consistent spike healing, more consistent than any other healer could. They did this by reducing the spike healing by toning down the value on the heal and making it even more consistent by removing the cooldown. You can see this quite plainly on a graph made by Skar, here.

Did it work? It sure did. The overall healing went down, that can’t be denied. But the nerf wasn’t as bad for players that can adapt and try to make the best of the situation. A salvation WP now plays pretty much as I predicted in my previous post on this change. WPs with Sovereign now use Smite a bit more often and when in a pickle Supplication (remember the first trick is instant and can be cast on the move) or even the knockback. But I can’t say that I’ve noticed a particular shortage of RF, and according to most guildies, neither have they. I can’t say on how this change affected WPs who don’t have seven pieces of Sovereign, as I haven’t tried it yet.

This change has made a salvation WP a bit more interesting to play. Previously a Sovereign WP would normally use TotD each time it was off cooldown, Pious Restoration every 15 seconds, Cleanse every cooldown and Divine Light (group-wide shield) when needed. And that was pretty much it, aside from morales and rezing. It didn’t require any RF, cooldown management or flexible rotations. I won’t claim that WPs as healers are particularly hard to play, as that would be silly. But the skill ceiling has certainly increased a bit, say from pressing 3 buttons to pressing 5. *snigger*

The adjustment also turned out to be an indirect buff to the WP tactic Refreshing Radiance, which has a 25% chance per direct heal to give the target 50 AP. With the removal of the cooldown Touch of the Divine is being used more, thus the tactic procs more and increases WP utility (traditionally the AP battery role was filled by Runepriests with Master Rune of Fury and Ancestor’s Blessing).

I can understand the frustration from the Disciple community though. I don’t play one, but the Disciple has traditionally been a stronger damage healer, rather than a backline one, with the roles reversed on the Order side of things (I’ve discussed this before here). Any kind of decrease in healing ability would hit them harder than it would hit Warrior Priests. They certainly got the short end of the stick this time. They have a harder time managing Soul Essence because the mirror of Smite, Essence Lash, has a cooldown of 10 seconds rather than 5 and doesn’t return mechanic points based on the number of targets hit. They are also missing one tactic that helps with mechanic point management and they don’t have any synergy with the higher frequency of Khaine’s Embrace casts, beside a self absorb shield. Poor Disciples. This happens when you refuse to share.

Apart from having to adapt to more frequent casting and therefore decreased mobility and re-learning to manage RF, I can’t see WPs being that bad off due to the changes. TTK has gone down on both sides, but I believe it is for the best. I hope that the next few steps Mythic is planning involve some serious and well-thought out buffs to other healers. And if you are one of those lunatics that think WP/DoK healing didn’t need to be toned down, get bent.


4 thoughts on “DOOM! GLOOM! I quit!

  1. I’m working things out on my lvl 35 RR33 WP and I always have had an RF problem even with a +8 RF book. I don’t understand how everyone is calling a group heal “spike Healing” as the group heal is most effective against AOE damage…and is ineffective in keeping anyone that is focused up.

    I have moved from Salv into Grace at this point. I still have RF problems, but I do get more group heals through Divine Strike. I would like a little more direct healing power, but I can see where Divine Assault is supposed to fill that bill.

    I can’t cry for DoK, their healing is less…but their DPS is more…that is their tradeoff

  2. It’s true, at your level you won’t notice the group heal to be that extremely powerful. But once you get Sovereign, which is (was) the ultimate set you really notice the difference. WPs can regularly pump out over 2.5k crits on TotD with Sovereign and do it often too (30% heal crit isn’t easily doable), without having to worry much about RF, survivability, or setback. The last two are the bane of clothie healers really, because their group heals are all at 2.5 sec cast. WPs can pump out much more consistent and bursty healing even under pressure.

    I don’t really understand when you say you moved to Grace. That should mean you are melee healing? It’s not optimal really, since melee healing faces more obstacles than backline healing does, is more gear dependant and harder to pull off. I’d recommend you don’t go melee at least until you can get conqueror set.

    Yeah, dps DoKs are much better than dps WPs, that is their tradeoff. But in the current state of the game AoE healing is much more cherished and needed than melee healing or damage, so it’s understandable that they’re unhappy. I just hope that this doesn’t result in yet another buff to their healing while leaving WP melee untouched.

  3. I went to Grace as I noticed my inability to meet the healing demands of a T4 Group at my level. I have a fairly rare Land of the Dead 2-H purple drop with 69 DPS and I’ve noticed that my overall healing is going up by alternately spaming TofD and Divine Strike.

    I can’t/don’t rely on crits for healing yet, and I realize I’m NOT the primary healer for my group/warband…thats the RP and AM job. I see a WP job as the boy with a finger or two plugging holes in the dyke…keep them alive until the better single target healers can land a big heal.

    This attitude is supported by the Morale abilities and the way the melee healing mechanic works…although WP are much more gear dependent than other healers.

    • You are seeing your numbers go up purely because of the RF boost divine strike gives you, it can’t serve as a healing tool for a willpower stacking WP. Smiting and hitting 3-4 targets will generally net you the same effect for less AP and from a greater range, so you don’t put yourself in harms way as much. And you don’t need a 2-hander.

      Healing with a 2-hander in willpower gear is in general worse than a books and a 1-hander, since you gain nothing from the 2-hander because of your low strenght.

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