How to stop ninjaing crests

I see you. I watch you every time you set the auto roll for crests to need on all. You’ll shrug and go “You don’t seriously expect me to click pass each time an invader, warlord or royal crest drops and need on every doomflayer or warpforged?”. Of course the lowbie setting his to need on all will use the same argument, only with a hint of puppy eyes and a remark on how tough it is to get through life as a lowbie. Well no more being lazy. Here’s how to do others and yourself a favour, as karma is a bitch (and will come to bite you in the ass when you’d trade your grandmother for that gold bag).

  1. Download and install TidyRoll from Curse. Not only does it have a customisable auto roll list, it’s also extremely sleek and has a plethora of configuration options to suit your every loot-rolling need.
  2. Load in to the game and type /troll (no, I’m not trolling you). This will open the addon configuration page (the addon requires LibSlash installed).
  3. Click on the third tab called [Misc]. In this tab check the <Custom auto roll> option and then click on the  [Manage] button beside it.
  4. This will open a window where you can drag and drop items from your backpack and pre-set roll settings for them. Crests, scarabs, ordnance and expedition resources are already on the list. Now the only thing you need to do is to drag and drop your Doomflayer, Warpforged crests and Captain’s Medallions in there and set the loot roll options. Don’t have any? No problem, just copy/paste these three item IDs into the bar at the top (next to Id): [208460] for Doomflayer, [208462] forWarpforged, [208458] for Captain’s Medallion.

You’re done! The addon will distinguish between different crests and automatically select the looting options for you.


You can add any kind of item on that list, which makes it great for auto rolling on class specific tome unlock drops and BoE armor set items. You can add a large amount of items easier via editing the .lua file. The file can be found in the “WARinstallfolder\user\settings\”server name”\”character name”\TidyRollSettings” (open the file named SavedVariables.lua with a notepad).

You can find item IDs for all armor drops here. Props to the people posting it.

Now you’ll ask: “But what are we supposed to ninja now? Opt out has been fixed, we can fix rolling with TidyRoll, what else is there?”. The solution is simple. Turn into a gutter runner skaven and ninja RPs! Everyone loves it, it even gives people who win even fights bragging rights: “I totally owned you there, eventhough I was 20RR higher than you and despite that random noob adding in. It took all my concentration to ignore him, but see that’s skill. You should get some”, or “Your WB got completely wiped there, fair and square. We even had a disadvantage, with us outnumbering you 2:1, and those pesky skaven adding in, distracting us with their wiggly tails, gorgeous beady eyes, beautiful mangy fur…”


4 thoughts on “How to stop ninjaing crests

  1. For the lazy boms:

    You can actually drag and drop crests from your backup to the Custom Auto Rolls Window :)

    I have a different problem tho: I use the same shared profile for different characters, which means I have to adjust Auto Rolls each and every time I log to a different char. I demand Profiles for TidyRoll! :)

    • “Now the only thing you need to do is to drag and drop your Doomflayer, Warpforged crests and Captain’s Medallions in there and set the loot roll options.”

      Stop reading my posts half arsed! :D

      As for TidyRoll settings, just copy the SavedVariables.lua file of a character where you already have them set (it can be found in “WARinstallfolder\user\settings\[server name]\[character name]\TidyRollSettings”) into the same folder of the settings of another char. You need to completely exit the game for this to work though. :)

  2. I do have another addon for this…although I can’t remember the name. This addon looks much more flexible, however.

    Thanks for pointing it out, I’m just gearing up for Invader and Warlord but don’t want to grab crests for RR90 armor I’ll never get into.

    • Probably TokenMachine? I prefer this one because it’s more customisable and easier to use.

      You really shouldn’t worry about getting any gear other than inv and warlord, as that is the hardest to get now. Once you’re up to Sovereign it’s easy sailing since it takes quite a long time to level up at that stage and gear is easy to come by.

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