Winter joys

Guess what I’ve been doing for the last two hours. No, you guessed wrong. I haven’t been playing WAR, blogging or watching a movie. I have actually been shovelling snow. Same as yesterday. And the day before that. My arms went “Hey man, when we (they’re twins) were first attached to you we had big plans. Curing cancer, solving the problem of world hunger, rescuing babies out of burning buildings, stuff like that. It didn’t turn out that way, but we still enjoyed your geeky ways. But lately it seems you don’t like us anymore, so we’re off. Gl and hf.” fell off, and bounced through the window. So now I’m forced to type this with my nose, until I can get replacement arms. Apart from that, I love the winter and can’t really complain.

So I’m enjoying everything merry December has to offer and I hope you are aswell. Mulled wine, WAR, skiing or sledding and stroking kittens by the fireplace. I myself prefer beer, shoveling snow and splitting firewood in the freezing cold, because that’s what real men do.

More posts should be incoming at some point. I’m guessing most people are quite busy at this time of the year though, so I’m not in a hurry. *shrug*


8 thoughts on “Winter joys

    • Even better! Santa has brought me an early present in the form of thaw. The snow is almost completely gone and weather is warm enough to not freeze my ass off.

      But now we have mud everywhere, gah! I’m hard to please. :P

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