Rant of the week

I’m slowly getting back into WAR after my short break (King Arthur The RP Wargame is excellent btw!) and I decided to have a gander at the lower tiers first before going back to T4. I used to spend at least half my game-time playing in lower tiers, before I got a guild and raced to RR80, as I loved the RvR there. So I jumped on my T2 WE (rank 16) to pwn some order (rage when getting gang-banged after a failed gank, more likely).

Now, I imagine I’m not the best player out there, but usually I get a fair share of kills, especially on a WH or WE. This time I just got owned time and time again, as most people I encountered outranked me by five or so ranks. It also seemed players were using abilities they aren’t supposed to have. Then it hit me, didn’t Mythic changed the brackets for the tiers? Indeed, they have. Apparently, they have “created more of an overlap for players to remain in the lower tiers for longer” to “address the powergap”. In other words, a player can stay in T1 up to and including rank 15, T2 R26 and in T3 R32.

Let me reiterate, they have addressed the powergap by increasing the levelgap. How and when did this make sense? Weed, yes or yes?

  1. As far as I know, most players complaining about being powerless against higher ranked players complained about a powergap in T4 between RR40-50 players and those higher. Because that’s where the real powergap is. I think that if anyone was whining about a powergap in sub-T4 must have been a minority.
  2. One of the reasons for this change seems to be the population spread over the tiers. As I said before, I played a lot in lower tiers (and still do a fair bit) and RvR population has never been a problem. When LotD was made unavailable to lowbies it was a great change and resurrected T2 and 3. With the revamped ORvR the lakes seem to be lively as ever, and I’m certain that it has nothing to do with the population overlap.
  3. A further reason for “fixing” the tier brackets was to decrease the power of trial twinks. The main problem with those was that, while limited in power, they were still powerful enough to scare off potential players playing on trial accounts. Kudos to Mythic for this ingenious solution. They raised the level cap in T1 so the twinks are no longer top of the food chain at rank 10. Now the trial players can be scared off by rank 11+ characters in addition to the twinked characters!

I can see you over there with a wagging finger and a fanboyish expression on your face. “You’re whining because you got owned, that’s all. You don’t like change because you’re too lazy to adapt. Nothing has changed, you enter T2 at R16, T3 at R26 and T4 at R32. At R16 you’re now at the bottom of the food chain in T2, deal with it. Plus, there’s always the bolster.”

But you see, dear naive ignorant player with a wagging finger, that’s exactly the problem. The bracket shuffle serves no purpose. This change is completely unneeded and will only exacerbates the powergap in T1. And while I do admit I have problems with adapting and dealing with change, it doesn’t change the fact that Mythic went ahead with an untested, unannounced and uncalled for modification. Don’t fix what ain’t broken, Mythic? Or better yet; fix something that is broken in a correct way (i.e. a new tier).

Oh, and as for bolster saving the day; it boosts the stats of every player to the same level and therefore lessens the powergap. But it doesn’t give the player career abilities, mastery points and renown points the higher career/renown rank players have. Which means that the powergap in this regard has only increased with this adjustment.

I’m sure new players are thrilled by the fact that they are forced in T4 one rank later, and therefore stand a much greater chance against RR80+ characters. Keep at it Mythic.


4 thoughts on “Rant of the week

  1. I agree with you fully. This new shuffle doesn’t solve the problem. The power gap in T4 was strictly a RR issue, not a level one. So I don’t know why allowing someone to wait until 32 until they need to move on is going to help them much, if any.

    I know I’m probably dipping into dangerous waters with this, but the best solution I have heard (at least the one that makes the most sense to me) is to allow trial players to proceed to level 12 (the old T2 entry cap, so I guess level 16 now) and no further. Essentially pushing them into T2 and a whole slew of new content.

    This would serve as a double win for Mythic. Players could participate in all of the oRvR and Scenarios for T2 (in Empire) and only the first chapter of that tier (tier 5 in this case I think). This would maintain the “Forever Trial” thing Mythic wants to do. But here’s the great part, players would see potential “new” content that would create incentive for them to pay for a subscription to the game.

    As it stands now, T1 is practically a zone where current players can make a free account to gear someone out and kill new players who join. On Iron Rock there were a few “twink” guilds that did just that. So, another benefit would be the removal of twinks all together. If anyone really wanted to experience T1 forever they would just have to continually remake characters to progress through that content.

    The more pressing matters really isn’t the lower tiers though and Mythic should know this.

    • I’ve heard of that solution myself and it does sound good. As for the discrepancy in power between fresh T4 players and advanced T4 players, that could be easily solved by introducing a new tier. But it seems like that’s a bit too much work for Mythic right now.

      • A new tier was introduced in the new dungeon. The hope mythic has is that only the higher rank players, (65 and up) enjoy the new content in that dungeon to gear out characters. Leaving the now old tier 4 for the lower ranks.

        While the new dungeon may not be a typical “tier”, it certainly addresses the issue that you have.

      • Have you gone through the Skaven instance? It takes less than 30 min and has a lockout on it, which means players usually won’t be doing it more than once a day because it’s not that fun.

        No, the new instance is not a new tier. If you take a step out into the RvR lake on Norn you’ll see absolute masses of players. And while it’s true that when the dungeon comes up you might see 2 WBs of players on each side disappear into it, I wouldn’t call getting rid of a few of 65+ people for 20 min a new tier. It certainly doesn’t stop them for pounding the lower RRs into the ground the rest of the time.

        Mythic may hope, but it doesn’t address any issues, it’s only a candy for the high RR people which they needed to base the “expansions” on.

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