Filler post!

You’d think this filler post was here because I am busy playing WAR now that 1.4 is out. But no, it’s here because I’m lazy. I haven’t actually logged in since Wednesday (and looking at the recent maintenance notices I haven’t missed much). I don’t really know why, but I don’t have any desire to log in and play. I haven’t bought the RvR packs yet (which was a good thing seeing that they’re cheaper now) and after I updated the game, which took an eternity, I didn’t feel like logging in anymore. I simply dislike all the hype and craziness that has infected everyone so they’re more prone to doing stupid stuff. If there’s one thing I’m allergic to, it’s masses of people being stupid. So I’ve been playing some King Arthur and waiting for the desire to play WAR to come back, which probably won’t take long.

Anyway, this is a product of a drunken night/morning and is supposed to be a member of the English aristocracy playing a MMO. Yeah it’s a throwaway post, cry me a RvR.

  • Pwned – I congratulate you on your failure. It was a most amusing defeat.
  • Noob – I’m afraid your grasp of this game is rather poor. Quit now, lest you cut off your own feet.
  • You suck – I dare say, your incompetence and  general ineffectiveness are quite upsetting. Keeping your eyes open when brandishing that thing would be a splendid start.
  • My grandma plays better than you – My grandmother is better at hunting than you are at playing this game. And she isn’t even allowed to hold a gun after the incident with the vicar’s horse.
  • Lol – I find that quite amusing.
  • Rofl – I chuckled so hard my hat almost fell off.
  • Need! – That piece of equipment would handily improve my arsenal. Would you be so kind and pass it to me?
  • Ninja! – That ill-gotten reliquary is not yours to exploit. Hand it over immediately!
  • Aggro! – You, the stocky gentleman over there! This mongrel seems to have taken a particular liking to me, which is quite bothersome. If would you be so kind as to send some insults his way at your nearest convenience, I’d be much obliged.
  • Heal! – I require urgent assistance with my flesh wound. Thank you, I believe my head rolled in that direction.
  • Rez! – It seems that this game is broken, as my death was completely unwarranted. Someone scrape my remains off the floor please, and get them to a medic.
  • AFK – I suddenly came over all peckish, so I’m off for some tea and biscuits. Ta-ta!
  • Brb – There’s a karibu nibbling on my croquet hoops, I’ll just go shoot it and be back in a jiffy.

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