Dear Mythic, please fix… #5

Dear Mythic, please fix the new renown training window.

I know 1.4 isn’t live yet and everything is subject to change, but it’s 2 days away so I’m a bit worried. While the renown rewards overhaul might look good, the window itself doesn’t. It’s confusing and makes spending, resetting points and planning ahead very cumbersome. With an interface like that a community renown speccing template might be needed just to make planning ahead viable. Here’s how the current and the new interfaces looks like:

Current renown training window

Renown training window on the PTS

You can see that while the current one isn’t a work of art, it’s functional and practical. The new one is basically the skill training window with renown abilities instead of career abilities. It might work for training core abilities, but it doesn’t work for something as complicated as the renown training. Now here’s what I propose you change the renown window to (and a layout design for a possible community tool in case you don’t):

Fear my leet MS Paint skillz

It would work like the current renown training window. You spend points in a skill by left clicking on it, undo the change by right clicking and when you are happy with the layout you press train to save it and actually spend your points. A counter telling you how many points you have and how many you’ve already spent would be handy. I’m sure that a small change like this won’t take a lot of time, but it will make spending renown points much easier and improve the renown change as a whole.

Yours Sincerely,
“I suck at math” Blaq


4 thoughts on “Dear Mythic, please fix… #5

  1. I like your layout idea. AND it makes perfect sense to design it that way with Bioware now tied to Mythic. It’s very reminiscent of the skill tree in KOTOR and DAO. No copyright problems right? xP

    • I haven’t seen the skill trees in KOTOR or DAO so I couldn’t have copied that. :P

      It’s basically the old interface adjusted to the new renown abilities. And they should change it, it’s stupid as it is now.

      • Oh yeah, I wasn’t under the impression you copied. It makes the most sense to have the layout this way. Easy to read and manage. I was just saying it happens to be similar to some of Bioware’s older skill trees so they should be able to implement it under their new association with Mythic. :D

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