Thanks Mythic

I mean it. I complained about opting out here and about premade scenarios here. And now Mythic announced some changes coming in 1.4 and they include matchmaking for scenarios and an improved opt out system. The opt out system being implemented is exactly the same as the one I suggest, not taking any credit here of course. And while the matchmaking system sounds kind of dodgy (based on your performance, not straight renown rank sounds like it could be exploited a bit), it’s really something sorely needed. Especially because of the huge gap we’ll see between new RR100 and sub RR40 people when the RvR packs hit.

Good going Mythic. Now don’t disappoint me with balancing the new gear. It looks dangerously imbalanced (4k TotD crits and 2k Martyr’s Blessing crits?)


One thought on “Thanks Mythic

  1. I am glad they are not sharing how they are doing the matchmaking. It should curb some of the exploitation, at least for a while.

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