Story time

There once lived an old grumpy man. He had no relatives and no visitors. But he wasn’t lonely because he had his grumpiness.

One day he saw children gathering flowers on a field near his house. At first he grabbed his gun, rushing to scare them off his property. But then, he had an idea. Maybe this could turn out to be profitable? He quickly gathered some supplies and made a few herbaria out of a few sheets of paper, some string and some cardboard. He then donned a big smile and cautiously approached the children.

“Hey there! I saw you children gathering flowers and I thought maybe you could help me with this herbarium of mine. You see, I’m not very good at these things, but I’m eager to learn. I even have a few spare ones for you.”

Fast forward a few weeks and we see the same children visiting the old man almost every day. They gather plants and flowers together, dry them and catalogue them. The old man even built some bookshelves and set up a small library in his house. Soon the word got around and people from far and near visited the Old man’s house to utilise the library and even contribute to it. Everything was unfolding like a scene from a botanists dream.

But soon the Old man realised there wasn’t any profit to be made here. The children didn’t have money and the visitors wouldn’t pay for this sort of information. He stopped helping the children gather flowers and stopped making herbaria and new bookshelves. Books started piling on the floors of his library and some were even destroyed. The grumpy old man turned back into his old self and started turning down visitors. The children knew what was happening but they didn’t want to say anything and risk upsetting the Old man, for they didn’t want to lose the library.

One day though, the children found the door to the house barred, with the Old man nowhere to be seen. After two days of visiting the house and ringing his bell they finally summoned the grumpy old fart. They begged him to at least give them the books, so the work they had done wouldn’t go to waste. With them they could set up a new library for people to use. This was his response:

“No, they are mine. Now piss off.”

Moral of the story? You figure it out.

PS: Rancid is now making a career builder, complete with tactics. Go visit his blog to thank him for the work he has done and report any bugs you’ve found or make any suggestions you may have.


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