Shameless update post

I said I’m not going to do many more of these, but I’m shameless so here goes. I reached renown rank 80 on my Warrior Priest and am now wearing 8/9 Sovereign (missing the boots). It wasn’t that big of a deal really, renown trickled in and I had fun through most of the journey (minus PuGing the scenarios, which, despite wanting to gouge my eyes out, I still need to). This doesn’t mean I’ll stop playing my WP, but I might start focusing more on my alts when there’s renown to be had.

The color didn't quite turn out as I wanted...

Next target? Hard to say. I’m enjoying my Slayer, but I always wanted to get one of my tanks to a respectable renown rank and I quite enjoy both SM and IB. The guild is hinting towards my RP though, which is my second highest RR char. We’ll see.

Oh, and 1.4 patch notes are out, in case you like reading those boring things. I think I’ll comment on them later. High possibility. Probably. Maybe.


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