Where have I been?

The above is an excellent question. Allow me to answer it with another question. Do cows fly south before the winter?

With that out of the way, here’s what I’ve been spending my time on (and why I didn’t have any spare time whatsoever in which I could post):

I’ve found out that WAR can be a real timehog (surprisingly). I’ve left my dead guild and am now trialing with a very established organised guild on Norn. This was quite a big step for me, as I’m a big fan of stagnation (not by choice) and consider most changes to be unfavourable from the get-go. I guess I realised that WAR can offer me more if I’m in an organised guild, rather than running around like  a headless chicken. Or maybe I subconsciously realised that PuGing and soloing will take a large hit come ORvR overhaul. Regardless, the gals and guys in the guild are great and surprisingly tolerant about screw-ups (not that I have done any!), willing to help out and flexible with schedules. Something I didn’t quite expect from a hardcore guild, but it seems to work out great. I’m really having a blast, as this change has opened a whole new way of playing and thinking about WAR. I really hope they take me in as a full member.

I’ve also had a mad dash to RR80 with my WP. Ok that’s a lie. With all the distractions in the forms of PvE, alts, hunting for unique armor pieces and live events, I’m really not focusing on getting my renown up as much as I should be. But the regular ORvR nights and having someone to queue with for scenarios have pushed me to RR79 very fast. So I should be very much on target for the RR expansion. I’ll probably even have to start focusing on an alt! The horror!

If you think an established gamer like me is impervious to the charms of Minecraft, then you are wrong. Notch, the creator of the game had a great idea, realised it very well and made a hit. It takes advantage of a basic human need to create. While not everybody has the necessary skill to make something worth showing, the instinct resides in everyone. Minecraft supplies you with tools and does away with the skill factor, as all you need to do is control a character related to McGyver. It’s similar to building things with LEGO, only less childish. Ok maybe it is childish, but it’s fun. More indie games like this please, or even an MMO. Why isn’t there an Minecraft MMO? Want one, now!

Darksiders is a hack&slash action game that I’ve been waiting for a long time. There really aren’t any good games of this genre on the PC. God of War is a console exclusive, same as Brutal Legend (damn you Tim Schafer!) and a bunch of others. Darksiders was going to be a console exclusive too, but was later ported to the PC. Which usually isn’t a good sign. Such concerns are partially justified by the glaring flaws that most PC ports suffer from appearing in Darksiders aswell. But if you can get past those, the game is immensely fun, intelligent, simple to learn yet hard to master and oozing with flavour (even if a lot of it is stolen). I was going to do a proper post about it, but alas it wasn’t meant to be. The game persistently crashed for me at a certain stage. I’ve read a lot of players raging about crashing at that spot aswell as earlier in the game, with a myriad of other bugs floating around. There is no official word on the support forums and the only official patch that is out didn’t fix anything for me. I’ve tried almost everything suggested to try and fix the game, but the problem persisted. Unable to advance the story and unwilling to play someone else’s save, I gave up on it. And because the otherwise enjoyable game has robbed me of a fifth of its storyline, I won’t do a post on it. There you go, ignorant developers, that’s bound to hurt your profit (heavy sarcasm).

I’ve also dabbled into League of Legends (fittingly LoL for short), despite the disconcerting things I hear about how noob-unfriendly it is. With my history of shameful screwups and defeats in the original DotA, I really didn’t feel like trying LoL. But all arguments are rendered invalid by the fact that the game is free. “Try it, and you’ll see, the worst thing that can happen is you lose a few hours of your life.” I’ve been told. And so I did. I downloaded the client, made an account and went through the tutorial (although I somehow managed to skip most of the tips, so I’m afraid I didn’t get much out of it). Then I tried a few matches with and against bots. I kicked their asses, since they are always set on easy, but I still don’t want to risk playing against real players. The fear of getting rofl-stomped in my first game, or spoiling it for others is just too big. So I’ve decided to try all of the free characters against bots, to get used to the flow of the battle and settle on a favourite character. I’m still not done with that, so stay tuned for more LoL related posts. Or possibly a rant on how the game sucks after I’ve had my first ranked game.

So taking all of the above into consideration, you have to come to the conclusion that there was NO time for me to post. Simply too busy. I’ll have to do something with this schedule of mine. Maybe slip in an extra hour in the 24h cycle, hm…

All I can say is that I promise to be a better blogger and post more in the future. Which won’t have any effect on the actual frequency of posting, but I’m going to do it anyway. Because I’m like a politician of blog posting. All false promises but Is still make you vote for me. Yes.


5 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Oh, hi. I did not notice you leave. Welcome back. :p

    Do not mess with time. She is a mean bitch. I tried to work my schedule different for studying for todays exam. Stuff happened and now I have been awake for over 40 hours. I am tempted to sleep right here in the computer lab. I think my sleep disorder is cured lol.

    You actually blog more than any other blogger I follow. You also have built some of the more well thought walls in the WAR blog world.

    Shame about Darksiders. It seems like pc games are becoming more unstable these days. I am inclined to believe it is due to most companies not trusting the pc gaming market, rather than genuine development limitations.

    Only three more minutes of class… I do not think I can make it.

    • Hang in there, but remember you have to get to a bed first. Sleeping in the hallways or on the street isn’t a pleasant experience. :P

      I don’t know why, but a lot of developers/publishers seem to think that PC is only a profitable medium for MMOs and indie games. Which is absolutely mad if you look at Valve, EA (eventho they are mostly dicks), Blizzard and other companies that I can’t remember atm. They are making tons of money and it’s not only MMOs.

      Thanks for the compliments. :D

  2. Welcome back! I feared you died… or perhaps something way less dramatic was more prevalent to my thinking. Anyway, good to see you got into an active guild. I always have a hard time getting in the right one. :P

    • I’m enjoying it so much that I’ve started to encourage everyone to join an active organised guild. :)

      And I’m sure that if I were to disappear it would be something immensely dramatic!

  3. What guild?! I shall look for you and have your head on a plate I tell ya!

    Nice to see that you’ve joined an organized guild though :D

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