Dear Mythic, please fix… #4

Dear Mythic, please fix the Realm War.

It’s supposed to be a tool for the community, it’s supposed to let players check what armor their friend or enemies are wearing, let them boast with the newest piece of equipment or just be able to let other people see their characters for themselves, without having to describe it all. Well, it doesn’t do that, because it rarely works at all.

With the outdated WarDB finally closing it’s doors, the community is left to fend for themselves. Which is exactly what is happening. Werit created a great item database that doesn’t get enough exposure; Arsenal of WAR and Rancid has a character builder that is now beta; the WARdrobe. We only need a mastery builder, which I hear is in the works. And a working Realm War.

I suspect Mythic has a special team/person for maintaining the website and/or the Realm War. It should be a trivial task to fix it, but would provide a great service to the community, just as it was originally intended.

Yours Sincerely,
“Your connection has timed out” Blaq


6 thoughts on “Dear Mythic, please fix… #4

    • Hell, I’m lucky if I can even get to the page of the player I want to see without getting 10x connection has timed out after waiting 10 min each time. :S

      • I’m thinking it might be part of the website team’s issue. The front page’s news sections is outdated by a month. xP

        At this point I would switch the Herald with the News section.

  1. The news thing was interesting. A post was made saying how important it was to update it. Next thing you know it had three updates within the hour and has not been touched since. So we know they listened, but it seems only for a moment.

    I would like to see some sort of community involvement in managing the news. I figure at least of one our dedicated blogger would be willing to link to all of the various pieces of news.

    Have them submit it to mythic, mythic clicks a big red “Approve” button and then it is posted. Tada, the game looks a bit more active.

      • Especially since Mythic has done this before with Core testers (Class leaders in EU) helping them test new content, voluntary mods moderating the forums, mobilising the community to mass test content on the PTS and the reliancy on the bloggers during the marketing campaign. It always seems to have worked out and benefited both the game and the community.

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