WAR hasn’t failed

I wasn’t planning on commenting on this, but I feel that it’s important to keep a few things in mind while reading or thinking about it. First, if you haven’t read the post in the link yet, go do that first. Here are the things that we need to keep in mind before formulating a response either in our minds or physically:

  1. The post is very obviously written in a state of shock and deep anger after the individual was fired. A buildup of anger is understandable and predictable, the most obvious target for lashing out is the employer.
  2. The individual is anonymous (understandably), posting on the internet and has no proof of their claims. As far as credibility goes, I’d rate this lower than hear-say. Of course, we have no proof that the claims aren’t true either, so someone interested in staying objective would discard this as a rumor.
  3. Even if we assume everything the person has posted is true, this doesn’t change much for WAR players. Most of us have probably known that EA isn’t exactly the friendliest gaming company out there before reading the rant. They’re first and foremost a corporate giant, a game publisher/developer third. As in any ruthless business, the employees are going to suffer, especially when the world’s economy is in such a bad state. I am not saying that this is right or that it should be ignored, I am saying that it is nothing new.
    Furthermore, most of the people mentioned in the post used to work at Mythic but have long since moved on. If we assume everything in the post is true, however, it still means that the game might be affected because of a lack of funds or interest by EA. This too, is something we’ve known for quite some time.
  4. The person was employed as an artist that worked on WAR. When he says the game is shit because of x, y and z, it’s a rather trivial argument for a WAR player. Mainly because most of the issues he mentions have been or are being worked on and because you are fully fit to judge them for yourself. If they bothered you that much, you probably aren’t playing the game anyway. (As a side note, from reading all those comments I get an impression that disgruntled players who quit WAR in the first few months really have no idea how much has changed for the better. It seems that they are reluctant to even try the game again.)
  5. Because of the above, anything the person writes about future games (SWOTR) that he/she hasn’t directly worked on, is worth less than a preview done from Gamespot or IGN, even if the person believes it to be the truth! Let’s wait for the game to come out before we judge it.

As a final word, I feel the need to say that I don’t think WAR is as bad of a game as everyone seems to think it is. The management has changed and the game is heading in the right direction now. Even if everything that the rant describes did happen, it’s all behind us now and there’s no point in crying over spilt milk. The game can and is being salvaged, we need to look into the future now. I’ll leave you with this quote from the comments section of EA Louse’s post (yes there are lots of spelling and grammar errors):

Metalica says:

Lets not get into sematics.

I suppose its a coincidance that all the people/projects/entitities that are directly on indirectly responsible for his job being cut also happen to be the *insert random derogatory remark* segment of the company. Big surprise lol.

I sympathize, I really do. Sux getting fired. Working environments too can be less than ideal, and everyone and everything has flaws.

But this is obviously such a heat of the moment “I just got advanced notice” rant lol… Taking this rant seriously would be like taking all the ex-wives claims that their ex-husband mollested their children as holly scripture when we know theres a very very VERY high chance its emotionally driven BS to get revenge and vent lol.

Are the poeple, entitites and projects this guys craps all over perfect and infallible? Heck NO lol. But are the claims that everything and everyone are an incompetant failfest something a rational human being would put much stock into? Yea, I dont think so lol. OP himself likely wont think so when he cools off a bit with time and moves off to a new company and a new project.


10 thoughts on “WAR hasn’t failed

  1. It was definitely entertaining! Yay for wasting time at work. I mostly agree with the above, with a couple additions.

    1. 100% agree

    2. There is obviously no proof, however usually rants like this that come from a place of hurt usually start with nuggets of truth. I have been on both ends of this one, and in all cases there was some good stuff in there (assuming we believe he even worked at Mythic).

    3. Totally agree, there is really nothing in here for us as players. However, I don’t think he was really writing this for the players. I think this was more directed at people who work for EAMythic, and he thought this was the best way to get his opinions out in a way that he still felt safe. There is no denying that whatever truth there is to it, it definitely is getting attention.

    4. It’s a shame that some people who haven’t played since Beta won’t give it another shot. The Beta sucked and was buggy (to the point that I stopped playing until the release), and in no way represents the current state of the game.

    5. He’s entitled to his opinions about TOR. All he really had to offer was that everyone has a boner over the voiceovers, and there is concern internally that the game won’t be the hit they want it to be. So what? At the end of the day, it comes back to #1.

  2. I realise he probably didn’t post it for the players that are playing the game, it came across more like something directed at the players that aren’t playing anymore, EA and the industry in general. Of course it doesn’t take much effort to make up a story that will ignite such a community though (I’m not necessarily saying that the post is fiction).

    But I had to reply seeing that most WAR players that keep in touch with the community will read it. But if they keep the above points in mind the disturbance should be minimal.

  3. Yep, it’s all about the old days now and hoping something will come along that will resemble them. Of course, no MMO can or will be better than the perfect old MMO you remember.

    Honestly, all these people looking for a perfect game irritate me. Makes me want to shout “get real idiot!”. :S

  4. Yeah…I got the same reaction when reading as pretty much you did. Often times, someone such as the EA Louse who is down in the trenches getting the work done, doesn’t always see what the managers are doing to get their work done. There is, sometimes, a disconnect and it is this disconnect that “can” cause problems. To say that WAR is a failure because of EA Louse’s concerns….hmm, that would be a stretch. At the company were I work, the personal interactions of “some” people are not a metric for determining a projects success. It’s all relative to the viewer.

    • Well rebutting it would just mean giving the supposed truth more publicity and credibility. In my opinion they should just ignore it until the thing can be proven to be real and not some scam.

  5. I’m not going to jump entirely on speculations, but as I stated in the comment section on that blog, and everywhere else;

    Bioware has made some great games through the years, Mythic is obviously part of Bioware and I consider WAR to be one of those successful games, even though it had some pretty hard failures through it’s years.

    But what worries me is that most games that are successful go down the slippery slidy slope called; “Sellouts”. I really do hope this doesn’t happen to Bioware and Mythic, but I can’t say that I’d be suprised if they did in the future.

    “Honestly, all these people looking for a perfect game irritate me. Makes me want to shout “get real idiot!”. :S”

    I feel you man. Because a perfect game isn’t a fun game. Why have we stuck around for so long in WAR, even with it’s major flaws? Because of it’s potential. We’ve all recognized it, and we all hope to fill it up someday.

    • Not only that, a perfect game doesn’t exist. There will always be something to rant about, blow out of proportions and make it into something that will drive players away.

      “Why have we stuck around for so long in WAR, even with it’s major flaws? Because of it’s potential. We’ve all recognized it, and we all hope to fill it up someday.”

      I’d have written: “Because we love it. We’ve stuck with it in hopes it gets better. And if it does, we’ll be the ones enjoying it the most.” to the same effect before I read you comment entirely. :P

  6. My only concern is that this may scare away prospective players.

    Otherwise I have no desire to comment until it is established that he is actually an employee. Even then, for all we know he is the misunderstood desk jockey with a foot fetish.

    I would look deeper than the company names. It seems to me that more often these days they are usually umbrellas to shove the best ideas under. I think it is easier for someone like EA to sell a game based off a studio name rather than individuals names.

    I like to look a bit deeper at games and see if any of my favorite devs are involved.

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