Random ramblings

The servers are down for maintenance which means that I have some time to kill, which I’ll use to ramble on some stuff that don’t make it into my usual posts. I’ll be talking about the guard change, last month’s producers letter and what I’ve been up to in the last few weeks.


In case you missed it, Guard was changed to require a shield on the PTS. The change was later postponed, but Andy gives full notice that this doesn’t mean they won’t be looking into the issue in the future.

If you ask me the change is ridiculous. Supposedly two-handed dps tanks are basically mdps and should therefore lose core abilities that make them a tank. I cannot emphasise enough the fact that anyone who thinks a two-handed tank’s damage and burst will be equal to that of a mdps, is clueless. If you take a T4 dps tank and a mdps of equal gear and skill, you will never see the tank doing more burst and killing more (except if you compare him to a Marauder, but they have problems of their own that has nothing to do with tanks) than the mdps. You can claim they’ll do more damage, in certain cases where healing will be scarce or the mdps will be unguarded and unsupported, but in a group environment it’s not the tank that does the killing, it’s the mdps. Furthermore, the only use a dps tank has is smallscale RvR. In larger battles two-handed tanks lose almost all of their value and the scale tips towards the shielded tanks, because of the fact that dpsing can be done by other, better suited careers, and the tanks need to survive longer in order to do their job.

The second thing people seem to highlight in this argument is that the tanks have higher survivability than any mdps (on top of supposedly doing the same amount of damage). Which is again, blind flailing from clueless players. If a tank is to do respectable damage he’ll need to forgo defensive stats and stack offensive stats. This is a fact that most people seem to ignore.

Taking a look at the defensive and offensive Sovereign, here are the stats:

Armor: 4302

Strength: 317
Wounds: 191
Weapon Skill: 134
Toughness: 116
+ other offensive stats

Toughness: 317
Wounds: 219
Initiative: 116
Strength: 106
+ other defensive stats

This means that you will NEVER see a tank having as much survivability as a defensive tank while dealing as much damage as a mdps. Anyone saying so is deluded. All of the defensive stats on an offensive tank can be matched by a mdps wearing defensive Sovereign. Who will still outdps the tank. The only stat that is a bit hard to reach for a mdps is the armor value, but even that might get reduced by 33% (results in 2882 armor in Sovereign) if the tank tries to reach for the mdps’ damage by using Focused Offense.

If you are hell-bent on nerfing the core abilities and mechanics of a career just because they decide to go the dps route, then the next in line for the nerf bat should be dps healers. Surely, if tanks are overpowered for dpsing while being able to protect their mates with guard and other utility abilities, even if it is at the expense of their survivability, then dps healers being able to do supportive healing and utility spells while dpsing is overpowered aswell? If guard is to be removed from two-handed tanks I propose a change to Divine Fury tactic, which will now reduce the potency of healing spells by 80% (not affecting lifetaps). It’s basically the same, right?

Another point to consider is the viability of S&B for some tank careers. Swordmasters really rely on their two-handers and even have abilities tied to them that other tanks don’t. They would need a massive overhaul to increase the S&B viability, which would also show massive ignorance for the lore.

Now, Mythic postponed the guard change, saying they first need to set all two-handed tanks on even footing before making a crucial change like this. But I feel like that isn’t the main issue here. I think Mythic are trying to increase the appeal of S&B and lure more people into playing a tanky-tank, rather than a dps one. If so, they are going about it the wrong way. They should be increasing the viability of the S&B tanks instead of nerfing the dps ones. I hope they see the light before they decide to go ahead with the change.

Producer’s letter

I know I’m a bit late and all, but did anyone else get the feeling that in the last month’s producer’s letter Carrie’s attitude and style of writing seemed to change a bit? In contrast with the producer’s letters from previous months, the writing seems more relaxed and less official. It is as if Carrie is finally getting comfortable in her role, or as if she tried to address the actual playerbase instead of the potential one. I’m not sure which, but I certainly prefer reading something that was obviously written with care and in a friendly tone to something strictly official in tone meant for the whole gaming community. I could be wrong though, but I’m still looking forward to next month’s producer’s letter.

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been leveling my WP most of my playtime and am 50% into RR78. The leveling process really isn’t as gruelling as I read about. I’m doing some ORvR, scenarios and some dungeons and basically just having fun while my rank creeps up. However, I am concerned about the “I’ve-finished-the-game-what-now” feeling when I ding 80. I think one of the main problems is not seeing any purple RR numbers, which are essentially proof that you are killing things and thus doing well. I guess I’ll need to get an addon to show the kills once I finish leveling.

My usual bad luck still hasn’t left me, so I had to buy Sovereign shoulders and gloves and still missing my boots as I’m around 50 royal crests short. Good things come to those who wait, right?

"Immune" dancing in Altdorf


While I’m not even remotely running out of things to blog about, I am questioning my motives for blogging. I’m mainly trying to get my ideas out into the world for others to read and comment. If that’s the case, I’d perhaps be better off just posting on a forum (with the personal posts being marked as trolling) because the posts would simply get more exposure there. At the moment it feels like I’m pretty much blogging for a few passers-by, spam bots and myself. I’ll decide on whether or not to continue in the following days.


11 thoughts on “Random ramblings

  1. Writing should never really be about publicity or exposure, but a way to get your thoughts out. Personally, i enjoy your posts. They’re usually a fair length and clearly written with a handful of strong insights spread throughout. When it comes to attracting attention, I’ve not really seen too many instigating posts that would draw people here to fight over things like other WAR blogs.

    I respect that, a lot.

    Getting loads of readers usually comes down to spamming the dickens out of your blog on forums/twitter/etc. Really though, once you turn your blog into an e-peen contest it’s hard to go back to writing for the sake of writing instead of an alterior motive. If you have more to say, don’t silence yourself because you feel like no one is listening. It’s your voice, whether or not anyone hears it.

    Also, I read every post =)

    • You may be right, but I feel that unlike artistic writing, informative writting needs a purpose and an audience to really thrive. I think that writing for the sake of writing can’t quite sustain a blog like this.

      My ideas and posts really aren’t worth much if they aren’t thought provoking or informative, and they can’t be either if no one reads them because of a lack of exposure.

      I thank you for the encouraging words though, you were one of the first to support my blog and I am thankful. Good to see you back btw. :)

  2. I read every post! Even if you are leveling a WP =) I think your blog is very well written, it would be a shame for it to come to an end.

  3. I thank you both for the praise and reading my posts. Perhaps I was a bit hasty to assume that most of those 30-50 views per day were mis-clicks and spam bots. Maybe I’ll just call this a phase and continue posting.

    Thanks again.

  4. I also check your blog at least several times a week, if not every day.
    Keep it up, you clearly put thought into your posts, and, like Grim, I can’t argue with that!

  5. I agree, keep it up! I read different WAR blogs because I like the opinions of the writers, and your posts are well thought out and give me a different perspective on things that I sometimes take for granted.

  6. The easiest adjustment I can think of for guard is to just give a bonus to those who are using a shield. Instead of an even 50/50 split in damage, have it 40/50 with 10% of the damage tank would receive being reduced by their shield. Leaving great weapon users with the same tanking functions.

    Don’t give in to the low post counts! :D

  7. Well you know that I constantly read your blog, and I’m even subscribed since your’s seems to be the only one I can somewhat relate to.

    Of course it’s hard to blog, I personally quit because I was never given any feedback. You were the only one out of 20 people who gave me some feedback on my podcast, which was the only reason why it took so long for me to actually abandon my blog.

    Personally, I say keep the blog up, you said it yourself a while back to me, sometimes you get a lot of views and a lot of comments, sometimes none at all.

    And while there are a thousand other blogs out there, yours seem to stick out from the rest of them.

    Keep it up pl0x!

  8. Thanks to all, I sure feel like a whiner right now. I assumed that I have about 2 regular readers and the rest were just people passing by. I really shouldn’t have jumped to the wrong conclusion like that and now I’m afraid I’ve come over as a bit of a drama-queen. None of this was intentional and I apologise for that. I do have to unveil what exactly I believe has triggered this melancholy, which was the WAR blogger roll call and the absence of my blog on the list.

    I guess you are right and I should ignore such petty things, as long as I have a few visitors it’s enough.

    I’ll continue blogging and try to make the blog even better. Again, I appreciate all the support and comments. Thanks for reading. :)

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