Dear Mythic, please fix… #3

Dear Mythic, please fix healer’s knockbacks.

If they are supposed to be a tool for survivability, they need to be somewhat reliable. Currently however, they get parried/blocked/disrupted far too often and are as such almost useless. You’d think that the immunity timers and the long cooldowns on knockbacks are enough to prevent abuse or make them plain overpowered. The additional fact that they scale off the attacking stat of a healer is added insult to the injury. Why should the dps healers be the only ones to enjoy a reliable knockback, when the healing healers are usually the prime targets?

Fixing it is simple. Make the knockback more reliable by having its avoidance penetration (how easy it is to block/parry/disrupt) scale of the main ability contributing stat of the healer. In short, make the knockback take into account either Intellect/Strength OR Willpower, whichever is the highest, when calculating how often it get’s avoided. But if that is too hard to code, maybe just change it so it’s only avoidable a flat 10% of the time.

Yours Sincerely,
“Witch Elf Toy” Blaq


5 thoughts on “Dear Mythic, please fix… #3

  1. Don’t know crap about healers… but couldn’t they just implement this in a healing tree to replace an otherwise useless tactic? Or buff an outshines core… or moral… or skill within the mastery tree. Possibilities seem endless, don’t they?

    • I don’t particularly like the idea of healers having to spec for a knockback. Healers have no way of dealing with multiple attackers short of AoE detaunts (if they have them) which have cooldowns.

      It’s like mdps having to spec for a charge or root immunity.

  2. Agreed, although to be fair my stun (single target) and silence hit about 80% of the time (sometimes better, depends on the day).

    The knockback, yes, is VERY unreliable to the point that most healers I talk to don’t ever use it unless they are VERY desperate.

    There is a speccable aoe knockback in the Zealot AOE healing tree, but it is so high up that you give up the M4 and some nice abilities/tactics in the single target tree that no healer goes without. That’s the result of speccable effective knockbacks… nobody uses them in favor of more universally effective things.

  3. I rarely used my knockback on my AM later on. It got to the point where everyone was punting too often for it to be helpful. Usually the enemy was punted toward me… >.>

    I really only used it during 1vx fights or when I was with a group I knew well enough to time my abilities.

    I blame it on zergs I do!

    • Usually when I need it because I have 3 Witch Elves or Choppas on my back, I’ll see 1 “Immune” pop up and 2 “Parry” after using it. Makes you want to cry.

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