Pigs CAN fly!

I thought I’d never see the day when Mythic started buffing careers they ignored for the last year or so. But behold! It is happening, they are taking a look at fixing Marauders, more specifically the Brutality tree. Go read this and comment on the changes.

In short:

  • Mutations will no longer abide by or incur a global cooldown. Which means that Marauders will finally be able to make the most use of their utility and have more than 2 viable mastery builds. It’s almost like making all abilities usable in all stances, you just need to press a few more buttons.
    Edit: I actually read that wrong, the stance cooldown is not being removed. Just the GCD.
  • GI is getting mirrored to WL Pack Synergy. Without the need for a pet, but PS is baseline while GI isn’t.
  • Guillotine will always crit. Woot?! Flanking + GI + MA + Guillotine = pwn.
  • Impale is being almost mirrored to Sundering Chop. I really don’t know why they didn’t just mirror the armor ignore, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that Impale’s positional requirement will be removed, Piercing Bite will do the rest.
  • Pulverize is getting the block portion of the debuff reduced to 10%. Seems fair in my opinion.

The proposed changes are looking great so far. Now they only need to fix:

  • Convulsive Slashing is shit. It prevents the auto attack from firing, thus making the Brutality proc worthless. Change it to a 2 or 3 hit like suggested many times before (maybe to something like ID, whose ticks get stat, weapon contribution and procs like individual hits, rather than a dot, but without the AoE component of course), or to something completely different.
  • Unstable Convulsions needs to be looked at if CS is changed.
  • Wave of Terror doesn’t really belong in a direct single target damage tree. Maybe change it to a single target ability but keep the debuff. It will basically enable a Marauder to halve morale generation if used every cd (it should hit fairly well).

From where my RR33 Mara is standing, this is looking good. Keep it up Mythic!


4 thoughts on “Pigs CAN fly!

  1. It’s like a dream come true. Stjobe posted this on WHA, and I even got an old bud to message me the changes. So should be getting a resubscription going at the end of the week or so.

    • Oh? Won’t you wait for the above things to get fixed? I was thinking that especially Wave of Terror needs to be fixed. You’ll want to be speccing into Brut as much as you can for Guillotine critting hard and Impale hitting harder. And what will you find at the top of the tree? A useless tactic and an AoE ability. :S

      We can ignore Convulsive Slashing but we can’t ignore Wave of Terror.

      • Man, one thing I can tell from these changes, is the fact that Savagery marauder’s are gonna be OP. Flat out 50% crit is a bit redicilous for them. :/

      • Idd, I’ve seen Sav Maras crit for almost 2k with TB when at 20% health slotting GI.

        But then again, they won’t have the knockdown. It’s been suggested to make it a brutality specific tactic, but it loses some of it’s appeal that way.

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