Dear Mythic, please fix… #2

Dear Mythic, please fix officer medallion gains in ORvR.

Currently, it takes ages to get enough medallions for annihilator pieces. Most people will outrank the set before they ca…

*Wha? what patchnotes? I don’t eve…*

Ahem, it seems that Mythic has already increased the medallion drop rate in today’s hotfix patch. Therefore:

Dear Mythic, please fix scenario queueing.

We all know the game encourages players to group up and PvP together, but forcing player who don’t to fight those who do, in usually unfair scenarios, is mean and is hurting the game. The common misconception is that premades enjoy farming randoms in scenarios. This is plain wrong in most cases, as the best fights premades can hope for are against other premades, along with supplying best rewards. Spawn camping a bunch of randoms is boring and unproductive. You need to introduce some kind of a group queuing system in order to fix scenarios for both premades and PuGs.

I’ve outlined a system I believe can fix it here. If nothing else, let us test a system that separates premades from PuGs for a week, then pull the metric to have a better understanding of just how much of a benefit such a system would be.

Yours Sincerely,
Stomped-over Blaq


4 thoughts on “Dear Mythic, please fix… #2

  1. Take it a step further and require players to be grouped to queue for scenarios at all. Level playing field, and if you’re in a pug group with bad class balance, that’s your own fault. At least you’ll know what you’re getting into before the scen loads.

    • That’s a bit cumbersome. WAR was always advertised as a game with quick and accessible PvP (which scenarios would be, if it weren’t for the premade vs PuG farm fest). Forced grouping would make scenarios less of a quick PvP thing and more of a PvP raid thing you commit to.

      Giving players a choice to do either is the best way imo.

  2. Been advocating PuG vs PuG and pre vs pre for some time now. There has been little results other than people agreeing on WHA in regards to this, and Mythic doing nothing.

  3. I think the problem with seperating Pug V Pug and Pre v Pre is that you will have less pops and then Premades are going to get bored. Sure, they talk shit and like to say “Hey, I want a challenge” but in reality they are children that wanna win. I wanna win, I’m not going to lie. I want a challenge, but I certainly don’t want to run Premade v Premade for eternity. It was my issue with the 6 v 6 SCs, it was a standoff with Premades. We are even and we are communicating. No ones going to die, its a wasteful 15 minutes.

    I think they need to not go so far as to segregate the queues as much as that. As they should make sure if a group enters an SC, then another group has to enter an SC. Therefore it will keep the double premade from happening unless the other side has the same.

    But then again, you can’t make me play. I may have queued, but I might not take it. Now you have an empty instance. I know we all enjoy the empty Isha SC. Now we can have it all the time.

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