Careful with the renown pinata

Mythic has enabled a 100% bonus to renown and experience for this weekend across all servers, as a start of celebrations of a two-year anniversary for WAR. Now, I’m not the one to look a gift horse in the mouth, and I’m really enjoying the bonus (I might even boost my WP 2 or 3 renown ranks!). But is throwing these renown bonuses (together with AAO) a smart idea? What this amount of renown does is help players rank up in RvR. Which means they’ll be RR80 sooner. And what do people do when they ding RR80? Most of them get bored and their playtime decreases. Sure some of them will roll alts and keep playing, or play their main the same amount of time they did before, but that is not the majority.

You might argue that with the new expansion packs, and the maximum renown rank being increase to 100, this might be a good idea. Get more players to 80 so they don’t feel left behind when the expansion hits. If that’s the case, I have to remind you of the fact that there already are loads of RR80 characters, with some hitting 80 as you read this. The expansion is probably months away (testing hasn’t started yet, we don’t even know much about them). What will all these people be doing with their RR80 characters until then?

Word of advice Mythic, it’s better to have players playing full-time until the expansion hits, rather than boosting them all to max rank now and having them quit until new content gets there.


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