Dear Mythic, please fix…

I’ve decided to do a series of short posts in which I’ll be asking Mythic to fix minor problems that have a big impact on the gameplay. And hopefully provide a way to do so. Here’s the first one:

Dear Mythic, please fix opting out.

Current opting out doesn’t work, as it opts you out of the roll for all bags. Players wanting items that are found in purple or blue bags won’t opt out even if they don’t need the gold bag, which makes players that do need gold bags ragequit. Which is understandable. I know you can’t eliminate the players’ greed factor, but what you can do is not punish players who are helpful and opt out.

Here’s a quick fix: detach the gold bag opt out from opting out for all bags. Provide the player with a choice of either opting out for gold bags only, opting out for bags below gold only, opting out of either or not opting out at all. That way, everyone can choose what they want to roll on. It probably won’t eliminate greedy lowbies getting Sovereign, but it might reduce the frequency of those situations and give players that can wear Sovereign a chance of getting it in the next century.

Yours Faithfully,
Sovereign-less Blaq


2 thoughts on “Dear Mythic, please fix…

  1. Agreed, opting out of Gold-only would be a great option in those keep takes. People can still get their reliquaries, and lowbies can still get their gear. Hopefully Mythic can be convinced!

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