Main, alts and the rest

This is it then. The Summer is now officially over. We’ve had the temperatures drop from 25+ to below 15 in a single day where I live, so I guess it’s not just the official summer that is ending. I really hate the Fall. Not so much because of the depressing weather and the dying nature, more because with Fall and Winter following it, it just feels like the end of the year is nearly here. And I hate endings. In fact, I hate beginnings aswell. I guess I don’t like changes, I’m more of a stagnant guy. I reckon me and father Nurgle would have great fun together.

But disregard this ramble. I have some random and some not so random things to talk about. So if you aren’t a fan of general updates you should skip this post.


With the weekend warfront Eternal Citadel now over, and the pleas for making it permanent getting louder (and the ones crying for the opposite), I feel like highlighting some ideas on improving this scenario are in order.

  1. First problem with the scenario was that knockbacks were too powerful, making teams abusing them much stronger than those that didn’t. Now obviously, a knockback as a form of CC should always be powerful to a degree, where you want to avoid it because it disrupts the game play and allows the enemy to control the environment, and with it the flow of battle. But it should never result in an instant death. To remedy this, I suggest the same mechanic that is used in Inevitable City be implemented. When you knock someone over the rails in EC they should randomly get bounced back on to one of the platforms. That way, knockbacks are still disruptive, but random so they cannot be abused. Additionally, railings should be added everywhere to prevent players from abusing this mechanic by jumping over the side.
  2. A 6vs6 scenario will naturally suck when you’re up against a premade with a PuG. Actually, any scenario sucks in that situation. So how about implementing a segregated bracketed scenario system that I outlined back in June here. I still think it would work because of the queue up but no down system. But Mythic’s metric might screw this system up, how should I know I don’t have them. So on to the second idea. How about detaching EC from the VP system (hey were getting rid of it anyway, right?), making it a cross realm scenario and only allowing groups of 6 to queue for them? It would be an elite 6vs6 scenario for premades all over the world to duke it out on.

Community News

Our resident long-lost blogger from the swamp, Spuxy, has launched his new podcast series. He intends to cover a whole plethora of games, including doing retro weekends where he’ll be covering oldies goldies. I’m already looking forward to it. You can watch (doesn’t that make it a vidcast?) his introductory podcast here. Go tell him how much you love his Martian accent.


In the past two weeks I’ve spent most of my time playing my main. Which is very unusual, since I normally get bored with playing a single character, and skip over to any of my countless alts. I’ve been mainly doing a large amount of scenarios and finally bought my Invader grade two-hander. Which would be a large upgrade (and it was, over my old Onslaught Sledge), if it weren’t for the fact that I’m now nearly RR73 and will soon be able to equip the Sovereign grade scenario weapons. But I’m only at 20 or so warlord insignias so I reckon I might actually get my first sov weapon by the time I’m 80. Or maybe 90.

I was planning on respeccing back to melee when I get a new weapon, but now I don’t really feel comfortable doing that. Probably because my melee setup is 3 conq/3 inv and at RR72 I don’t feel like I’ll really be able to compete. Well I’ll be competitive, just not as much as I’d liked.

But then again, I don’t really feel comfortable staying healing either. I see more and more people rolling WPs, and often I enter scenarios that have 6 healing WPs. I guess they are just so overpowered that they are the healer flavour of the month. And to be honest, I don’t really enjoy playing a career that is so blatantly obviously unbalanced healing-wise. Originally, I rolled a WP to wreck some havoc as a melee hybrid. They have survivability, adequate healing and enough killing power to kill a yak from 200 yards away. With mind bullets. Ehrm…

But somewhere along the way (probably because of the lack of any early melee armor) I got lured into the comfortable embrace of AoE detaunting and spamming TotD. It’s so easy it lulls you into a trance which you won’t wake from. Until you realise you’re suddenly easy mode. I don’t want to be easy mode! I want to be a melee WP, the hard mode!

So I guess, the stagnant guy that I am, I’ll stay healing a wee bit longer. Untill I can wear 3 pieces of Sovereign at least. Or maybe 5 pieces. Ok 6. That won’t take long. No, sir.


I was so shocked when I realised I wasn’t playing my alts at all (I even recoiled at the thought of how abandoned they must feel), that I had to immediately pick them up. I tried soloing with my WL a bit, and was surprised at how much I managed to get done. The burst is just unparalleled to any career. I don’t think a WH, WE, Choppa or Slayer can burst as much as an Axeman/Hunter or Hunter/Axeman WL running Loner can now. I’m only RR38 and full glass cannon build with capped strength and some crit. So any kind of clothie is like tearing up perforated napkins. But I have no survivability stats to speak of and only 6,8k hp or so, with a liniment. So outside of ganking clothies I can’t do much. But still, I enjoy the WL and should be getting her RR up a bit in the future. Especially if I can get my healer mate to hunt with me.

Then I dusted off my SM and respecced defense in the hope of catching a VL run or two. Instead, I managed to get a stage 2 purple bag in an Altdorf defence. In  the bag was the long-lost sister of my everlasting but unfulfilled love, Mirithiel, Light of the Vale (I know the full name and stats by heart), Greatsword of Transcendent Might! I’ve wanted Mirithiel ever since I saw the skin for the weapon on one of the first SM on Karak Eight Peaks to get it. And now I got the arguably better version of it! I immediately respecced Khaine/Hoeth, which I’ve never really liked when I tried it a year ago. But now, I feel like I’m tearing up stuff despite only having around 800 strenght buffed, and even lacking the cloak for the LotD jewelry/cloak combo. I’ve had great fun in another Altdorf stage 3 where I just kept bursting down clothies one by one, never running out of steam thanks to Ether Dance and perfect balance moves requiring no AP, and never being taken down thanks to some 500 toughness I have. I definitely see myself trying to get my SM up to Warlord gear to get more killing power.

I also reined in all my hatred for grinding and did some AoE farming in LotD with my Marauder to get him from 38 to 39, and then scroll to 40. So now I have a R40/RR32 Marauder on Azgal, that I have no idea what to do with. I don’t have a guild there so getting around, getting Annihilator and doing instance runs will be kinda hard. But I don’t really want him to just sit there all lonely and forgotten. My initial plan was to get him to RR45 and see just how bad a lowbie Marauder really is, but I don’t really feel like it right now. I guess he’s on the back-burner for now.

Bye bye

That’s it, I hope you enjoyed this bit of randomness. Though I can’t say I care if you didn’t. Maybe try leaving a comment and convincing me otherwise.

I should be getting on with some more serious posts in the next few days, but then again I might not. I might die of a very rare disease, that only attacks people who are pro gamers and after 3 hours of exposure leaves behind nothing but their finger bones.

Try not to think about the inevitability of human failure, our ultimate demise and the pointlessness of our existence, like I do all the time. Go play some WAR instead.


4 thoughts on “Main, alts and the rest

    • Thanks for the offer, but it would be a shame to enter a guild with an inactive character. Maybe I’ll take you up on that offer when/if I decide to actively play my Marauder. :)

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