Eternal Citadel galore

Let me be the first to say the Eternal Citadel (EC) should be added to the normal scenario selection. Here’s why:

  • It would be really nice to have a permanent 6vs6 scenario.
  • It’s good enough. It’s simple and to the point. You kill them or they kill you.
  • You can’t get spawn camped. Which makes facing premades or better group easier, as it gives you a chance to gather up and strike without losing too much time or momentum.
  • Contrary to the popular belief, it does involve strategy. It has enough obstacles and terrain changes to make line of sight an issue if you play it right (stairs, braziers) and there’s the huge knocked-back-into-the-void thing, so positioning plays a major role.
  • If EC were to enter the regular scenario set, and after the novelty factor wore off and certain corrections were made, it could become a priority scenario for premades. Since they wouldn’t have to risk getting a double premade against them or 6 crappy PuGs beside them. Maybe I’m wrong, but I have a feeling it would draw premades more than other scenarios.

But there are some issues with it:

  • The scenario is maybe too open and clumped, which gives MDPS and tanks a bit of an advantage over RDPS. This isn’t that big of an issue, just remember when was the last time MDPS were given an advantage at anything (other than ganking from an ambush, and Ironclad doesn’t count as it was poorly designed).
  • The scenario is way too short. Two wipes and it’s over, which hardly even gives you time to adjust your tactic and gameplay. At least halve the point generation, so it will last twice as long.

I’ve been playing EC for most of yesterday, so I’d say I have a pretty good idea about it. To be fair, in its current state (duration), it’s more of a scenario currency farm fest, than a 6vs6 epeen contest, that it’s supposed to be. But with a tweak to its duration, it would really become a serious contender for entering the regular selection.

Yesterday first 4 games I had were PuG vs PuG. Which we won 3-1, thanks to my considerable effort (yes, I’m awesome). I then joined a premade for the next 20 or so queues. It was a random premade with 2 SWs 2 WPs and tanks which we swapped. We had mixed success because we were having problems against melee heavy groups. Not quite enough space to maneuver. It seems that towards the end of the evening, destro figured out that a melee groups fare best in EC, so we just decided to call it.

I then queued alone, because I wanted to finish my stack of 100 fused crests (so now I only have 50 to go before my invader weapon /facepalm). That was a disaster, I’ve won maybe 1 out of 15 or so ECs. It didn’t matter if we had a good setup and were facing another PuG, we just got rolled. Most of my time was spent trying to coordinate people and shouting in despair. It wasn’t real despair, since I didn’t really give a rats ass whether we won or lost, I only needed the crests. Despair just seems to work better than a relaxed attitude of indifference.

Speaking about rats, did you spot the Skaven?


2 thoughts on “Eternal Citadel galore

  1. I agree 100%. You wipe once and you’re on the backfoot. In a pug, my win rate is so low as barely worth counting. I look at it when I join, that I’m a farm animal to be farmed.

    Any premade that has the 2 healers/2 tanks will win against all bar the premades. So you’ve pretty much into the 50% wins at that point. Which is great for medallions and crest.

    I have been multitaed all weekend on my BW, but I have to “Suck it down” since it’s the quickest way of getting insignia.

    • Well, in any scenario a half decent premade will wipe PuGs, it’s the fights against other premades that count and are the best. I love it when we have a mixed premade (3 or so guildies, 3 randoms) who are not on vent and we manage to wipe guild premades with vent. Far from a 100% win rate, you win some you lose some. :)

      For EC, I’d recommend getting together a premade, it’s not that hard, just any kind of setup (I do advise a melee heavy one with 2 tanks) with randoms will wipe PuGs and give you a good chance against other premades. Just make sure to stick to the basics of 6vs6. :P

      I do hope EC enters regular scenario set, it adds a whole new layer of gameplay for me.

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