The bad and the worse

1.3.6 was supposed to be pretty major. If I were to comment it with a single sentence it would be “I told you so”.

So what did the patch change?

1. The major selling point of the patch was Against All Ods (AAO), which was supposed to disperse the population (the ZERG) and give an incentive to the underpopulated realm. I predicted it wouldn’t do much apart from increasing renown gains for the top renown receivers. And so far, that’s exactly what is happening on Norn. Good gankers and good premade warbands get insane amounts of renown. Now, them getting good renown is fine, but this is ridiculous. I read that on some American servers AAO seems to be working as advertised, I have no idea if that’s true. But I do know, that on Norn it turned into a permanent bonus renown for people who don’t need it, and I didn’t even notice more willingness to fight when outnumbered. Which makes AAO a fail.

In recent interviews Mythic stated they want to streamline renown leveling in the upper ranks. Which I find to be a good idea IF they implement another 20 renown ranks. Without them they’ll just have more bored RR80ies on their hands.

I give AAO a thumbs down.

2. We got the new appearance system, which is working as intended. The changed appearance can only be seen by your side. The enemy will still see exactly what you are wearing, so no need to get your panties in a twist.

But, HOW THE F**K AM I SUPPOSED TO USE THE APPEARANCE SYSTEM, WHEN I HAVE EXACTLY 2 SKINS FOR EACH ARMOR PART? I thought the original idea behind the appearance system was to introduce it together with the armor revamp, so people can choose which skin they want. But Mythic says “Hey, stop whining, we did put new armor art in the game. They are out there and you need to grind for them. We just don’t want to force new art on the players.”. You know what? That’s a bullshit excuse for your own incompetence, and a completely illogical one. You have the art done (the one that was supposed to be in at launch, if it weren’t for the art department with the artistic sense of a color blind turtle), you just need to apply it, I’m sure that wouldn’t take one person half a day.

Oh, but Jimmy likes the look of his Invader chest? Well Jimmy can go intercourse a penguin, because the rest of the world want an armor skin that they can actually like aswell, instead of 4 effin same ones. And no, I’m not going to go “Look out in the game world for them”, because I already busted my ass to get my renown ranks up, just to get the same look I had 30 ranks back. I did my part, do yours ffs. Same art on 3 armor pieces across 30 RR = incompetence.

I give the appearance system a kick in the crotch, until we get new armor art.

3. Then we have the Auction House. Oh my dear sweet AH. What have they done to you!? We had such a nice thing going. I’d put stuff in you (ahem), undercut people, trick them with setting lower bids and rounded numbers for buy out (only 99 silver!), I’d set short durations so I could quickly respond to others undercutting/cluttering the market, I could see exactly who it is that’s selling those eel skin wallets and screw with them so they would lose money. I could buy things cheap by bidding on them and reselling later. But now… You aren’t what you used to be, I can’t even recognise you anymore. I’m afraid we have to say goodbye now. Goodbye my love, maybe we’ll be together in another game-world… *cry*

I give the auction house revamp fire. KILL IT WITH FIRE! KILL!!!

4. Supposedly, this was a career balancing patch. I’d call it a career imbalancing patch.

  • Let’s see, the only one that got buffed for a reason were Shadow Warriors and Blackguards. Good for them, they needed it.
  • How about Magi and Engineers? They were thrown a bone and told to shut up.
  • Black Orcs and Swordmasters were given a novelty which is a crutch to help deal with the retarded mechanic. Except that SMs already had something like it. Good listening there, Mythic.
  • Runepriests and Zealots got gang-raped by the devs. I was so wrong. I actually thought something good might come out of it. The changes resulted in a nerf. Because they obviously needed that. Nice mechanic revamp Mythic…
  • White Lions got a retardedly overpowered armor debuff. Not what they needed, and now the WL population is shooting up and the nerf calls are starting to come in. Good call. No, really.
  • Healing Warrior Priests and Disciples are staying OP. Melee healing is still not viable. Melee DoKs still > melee WPs. Who cares.
  • The Choppas now have an incoming heal debuff, together with an outgoing one and a cooldown increaser they absolutely destroy every healer out there. But it’s a team game right? Destro’s best MDPS career just got more group utility. Hooray!
  • Marauders were ignored, nothing new. In fact, my advice to Mythic is that they give Terrible Embrace to the Blackguard and convert all Marauder characters to BGs. They do more damage, have the same debuffing capability, way more survivability and can tank. Brilliant!
  • In an effort to slightly nerf BW/Sorc bombing the debuff portion of the Chosen/KotBS resist aura got nerfed. I approve, for a change.

The result:


5. New emotes! I love /kiss /hug and /yeehaw. By far the best part of the patch, eventho it wasn’t in the patch notes. For the full list of emotes type /emotelist in-game

I give new emotes a thumbs up!

Go Mythic, go! Also, I bleeding told you so.


5 thoughts on “The bad and the worse

  1. Well, I may be high saying this. But I’m quite certain this is the way I thought it would go down with 1.3.6.

    Hell I was even close to resubscribing at the hope for some MAR love.

    • Well, I’m gonna claim shotgun on this one, I blogged about me knowing what’s gonna happen and you didn’t!

      DW, maybe 1.4 will make you resubscribe if the RvR changes are reaaaaally good, and you’ll finally reroll. :P

      • I’m actually tempted to resubscribe now that I got my new PC, and reroll order on a new account.

        But, gotta set up my shuper-shecret project first, which should be up and running in a couple of days.

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