Mythic tease

When I came back from my break I was expecting some news on the new content we were promised. There wasn’t much of it. But I wasn’t disappointed or angry. You know why? Because I understand. I understand the situation Mythic are in at the moment.

You wanted new content, saying that there hasn’t been any for too long. That you are bored of the same old. So Mythic began working on new content. Now you demand they tell you what it is, immediately! You are the customer right? Yes, yes you are. And if you want to stay a customer listen up:

  1. Mythic aren’t just MMO developers, they are running a business. In the competitive MMO market you want to outsmart and outplay the competition to get the most sales, subscriptions and attention. Because those equal more money, more players and a better foundation for the future.
  2. Player feedback is all right and dandy, as long as it’s constructive and structured. Fully opening a half-finished product to scrutiny and critique is not something developers do often, because uncontrolled access to software in development is just not useful or viable. Hence alfa and closed beta tests. Even if Mythic decided against properly testing their new content (I doubt it),  letting everything out in the early or mid development stages would be a very bad idea.
  3. Remember hype? It can be a friend or a foe, depending on how you handle it. Mythic are handling it very well, I have to say. Leaking enough information to keep the broader audience interested (although not enough for the appetites of the more acute or pessimistic), but still keeping most to themselves so they can provide a steady stream of information in the future. This way, if the product turns out to be underwhelming, it’ll be less disastrous than it could have been when fully hyped. Remember launch?

The only reason Mythic told anyone about new content was because you demanded information. The player base was raging and telling them how they’ve been sitting on their asses for too long, and threatening to quit. At the same time, they have learned from past mistakes and understand how to launch products. So they let you know as much as they can. But now, you aren’t happy with just knowing that things are coming, you need to know it all.

FACT: Being negative about things you know nothing about is stupid.

So how about you let Mythic do their thing, don’t get pissed because they’re doing their little marketing tease dance and rage when things turn out bad later, instead of looking like a whiner right now.


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