Marauder video thingy

I was clearing my hard drive (late spring cleaning) and found video clips of roaming with my Marauder when he was in T3. I thought just deleting them would be a waste, so I pasted them together and added music, in case any weird people enjoy seeing that. The quality of the fights is not the best, as most of it was shot during the GOA-Mythic handover and there was a serious lack of players on Karak Azgal. Excuse the lack of editing, as I just couldn’t be arsed with it and had an empty head idea-wise.

The gear was Devastator with inf rewards and spec was Savagery with Thunderous Blow, Cutting Claw and Deadly Clutch. I used Brute Force, Subvert Strenght and either Deadly Clutch or Flanking as tactics.


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