Fresh and eager

I am back and reporting for duty. Well, I don’t want too much duty. Go easy on me. Ahem…

I changed the theme because there were so many copycats (you having the theme first doesn’t mean you didn’t copy it from me, it’s called time travell, duh!). I felt that with the old theme a wall of text really became a wall, because it was such a minimalistic theme. The new look should still be minimalistic but easier to read. Oh, and if you don’t like the black, go put on your white tinted glasses. Other than that, feedback appreciated.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got catching up to do. Expect new posts later in the week.


5 thoughts on “Fresh and eager

  1. I just clicked “ABOUT” with the hopes that you were on my server to welcome you back proper. Sadly I can not meet you on the field sooo…

    Boglars butt! Welcome back :P.

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