Flaming codpiece of Nurgle

There are several ways in which you can progress you character in an RPG. Levels, skills, talents, gear,… The last one is especially important when playing the kind of RPG that you need internet connection for, which has asian gold sellers and men pretending they are women in it. The impact gear has on the gameplay and your success within the game world varies from game to game though. But I’m not going to examine this particular aspect of character advancement in this post. I’ll rather focus on gear progression through levels and renown ranks. Complete with a fully mathematical graph and analysis. Be warned though, the post is rather silly.

Here’s the promised graph. It isn’t the only one, even though drawing them in MS Paint is rather painful. There’s another one down below.

As you can see it’s quite complicated. So let me run you through it.

Gear progression from RR10 to 40 is rather straightforward if you play the game as it was meant to (and the way it is best played). That is, if you level mostly in RvR and play regularly so your renown rank doesn’t fall behind your career rank too much. Even if it does, this doesn’t pose much of a problem since renown gains in ORvR are usually higher than xp, so with regular play with no rested xp, you will catch up. PvP sets are easy to get as boots/gloves drop from players (and are extremely cheap on the AH) and there are plenty of tokens dropping to buy other parts of gear with. If you make the nonsensical decision to PvE your way to 40, the progression gets rather complicated. But that’s not the point of the game anyway, so stay in your Ruin set you PvE warrior.

I am assuming you reach RR40 fairly soon after hitting CR40, which is usually the case (unless you power level, in which case you’re out of the gear loop completely anyway). As you can see from the graph, T4 is when things go tits up.

The entangled mess (which is called “the clusterfuck curve” in scientific terms) of T4 progression is as follows:

  • The first easily obtainable set in T4 is Annihilator. I say that because its PvE counterpart requires a lot of Bastion Stair farming, which no sane player does. Pardon me, Annihilator USED to be the easiest set to obtain in T4 before the crest conversion change. Now it’s probably on par with Bloodlord, the PvE set.
  • To get parts of Annihilator, other than boots and gloves, you need to be lucky enough to get high contribution (sort of like my favourite hobby of learning penguins to fly) AND outroll anywhere from 100 to 200 other people on a keep take. On a regular keep take only ONE gold bag will drop. If you want to up the number of gold bags you need to take a moderately defended keep, which means you need a much bigger number of players to take it. Hence the chances of getting a gold bag usually stay the same. My mathematic fu tells me the average chance is 2.149%. To buy the set you need a ton of Officer Medallions. These are hard to come by, since everyone needs on them, and only a handful are awarded on keep takes and zone locks. The third option is buying a BoE anni bag from a guild, which can get them by claiming keeps. Unless you are lucky and are in a good guild, obtaining Annihilator through these means is very time and gold consuming.
  • When you go through renown ranks of 40 to 45 you can start wearing Conqueror. Acquiring this set is very much the same toenail growing business as Annihilator. The grind is only somewhat lessened by the fact that gold bags with Conqueror gear drop from the airship assault PQ in LotD. This is practically a PvE encounter (not like the keep takes, derp) with a fair number of gold bags on completion so your chances are a bit better there. If you are unlucky though, you’ll probably just want to grind renown rather than trying to get Conqueror.
  • There is a PvE alternative to the Conqueror set, which is only marginally easier to obtain than Bloodlord, the Sentinel set. City dungeons are run fairly regularly and aren’t that hard to complete. The problem is that players need lesser wards to be able to complete such a dungeon. At least 4 for DPS and tanks and between 2 and 3 for healers, depending on the setup and number of non-retarded companions. So unless you got lucky with Annihilator, you’ll need to unlock the wards through either RvR or by equipping the Conqueror set, which pretty much defeats the purpose of grinding for Sentinel. But even if you do manage to fulfill all of the requirements, you still need to be lucky enough for the right Sentinel piece to drop. Yay!
  • Next couple of RvR sets are Invader, Warlord and Sovereign. They drop from Stage 1, 2, and 3 of city PQs respectively. Anyone can roll on them, but you need to be renown rank 52 through 80 to actually wear any of the parts from gold bags. Getting the bags heavily involves the luck factor, surprise! With the insane amount of Officer Medallions required to buy pieces of these sets, you most likely won’t be able to buy more than 2 or 3 parts of Invader and Warlord combined. That’s if you don’t spend any medallions on Annihilator and Conqueror. The lockouts are 20h for Invader, 68h for Warlord and 112h for Sovereign. Get in there, and start grinding those bags as soon as you are high enough to enter the city. Since it’s completely random (don’t come out with that contribution pile of poo argument), you’ll need to take advantage of any chance you get.
  • Then there’s a PvE set equal in power to the Invader, the Darkpromise set. You need greater wards, a good group and lots of luck to get any parts of it. The one slightly above it in power is the Tyrant set. The above requirements for obtaining it apply here aswell.

Anyway, intercourse the graph for now. If you start a new toon, you are more likely to have full Invader, Warlord and half the Sovereign before you get to RR50, with not more than 2-3 pieces of Annihilator and Conqueror to show. Even if you are a PvE whore, you’ll need heaps of luck and bucketfuls of grind to get enough set pieces to make them worth it.

As you can see, the progression is complete madness and utter nonsense. Sort of like the wall of text above. It wasn’t really needed, but I like reading my own writing. And sort of like the graph below, which bears repeating (it takes a smart bear though). You know, to make my point stand out.

PS: I feel the need to explain the title, since I am not confident enough in my abilities to convey a joke (my reader’s ability to understand one, truth be told). You know when green gear usually has a prefix that represents the power of the item and a suffix that tells you which stats are on the item? This is such an item. A rather painful and dangerous one I imagine.


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