RAGE …not

This was supposed to be a rant post. And it probably would have been, had I written it yesterday. But I’m feeling differently today so I’ll just outline the content and explain what caused me to rage.

I’ve had my daily dose of raging on thursday. I got baited by some people who thought they were funny. You know, your run of the mill joke, when you are looking for a group or members for something and you get told to talk to someone who isn’t even remotely interested in that. They do it just to annoy the hell out of someone they know, and along the way, you. Normally I wouldn’t fall for such cheap jokes, but lately I’ve gotten desperate. I really want to run some LV or VL to get me some better gear. So I fell for it. I wasn’t that stoked since I had only myself to blame. Then, when trying to put together a group, I got two jokers sending me tells in broken english (artificially broken), saying stupid things and asking for an invite. I immediately saw through it — they were in the same guild and I recognised one of them as a thick slayer I’ve seen around — and felt insulted by how stupid they must have thought I am. And they went on an on even after repeatedly getting told to go copulate with a hedgehog. So I had to ignore them. I was actually going to do a post on online manners after it, but changed my mind.

Yesterday was a good day for my renown. But it came at a steep price. It was throughly not enjoyable. I want to enjoy the games I am playing and have fun. If I have to feel sad and angry while playing to get my renown, I don’t want it. It actually wasn’t any single thing that pissed me off, but things annoying me to the point where I was about to rage quit. And I would have, hadn’t it been for a guildie and the promise of a city siege.

I was running around the ORvR lakes in my dps gear and a two-hander. A bit of a change from the usual healing mode, I thought. And since I was running alone I got ganked lots. I don’t particularly mind it, it’s a mild annoyance and part of the game. You can’t get solo kills without risking getting killed yourself. But yesterday I was getting ganked again and again. Luck was not on my side. And when I did get someone on their own they popped LotD pocket items and either single or double potted. I had none of those. I even got order adding in on fights that I would have won myself. Which annoys me even more than getting ganked by people I could otherwise take on solo. On top of that, I missed almost all leeching opportunities there were. I was late at BOs because of either running into destro, or trying to defend BOs when everyone else ran for a newly unlocked one. I didn’t have my banner or aegis up for a single lock on that day, I somehow missed them all. Nevermind though, I can live with all that. Those are circumstances I can’t influence and I’m fine with that. It just wasn’t my lucky day.

But the straw that broke the camels back was getting ignored by order. Now, I’m a nice guy. I always stay behind and rez people after fights. I try to heal anyone who gets ganked. If people in the zerg get attacked by a small raiding party I dismount and help them, rather than riding past, scurrying to that BO. A lot of the time I’ll even get myself killed when trying to help people who are outnumbered. Considering all that, I thought that order could return some of those favours and help me out when I needed help (I usually don’t need it when running around in healing gear as I don’t solo roam and die much less). You can guess what happened. By the time we were about to lock CW and head to IC I was developing two theories. That either:

a) I am bugged and as a result invisible to order but like a red flag to a bull for destro, or

b) order has a visual impairment that prevents them from seeing Blazing Orange WPs.

I was thoroughly ignored by healers standing a few feet away and picking their noses (or riding past me) while I was getting gang-raped by destro. Healers couldn’t care less about trampling on my corpse while I was asking for rezes and sending tells to them. I think I got rezed one time out of about 10 situations where I needed it and healers were idling nearby.

Fine then, you just converted me and I’ll join the ranks of jerk WPs. I’m never rezing/helping/healing another person ever again if it conflicts with my interests (with exceptions of course).

When we locked I went to siege IC because I really want that great weapon from the purple stage 2 bag. I want to try my luck at getting it as often as I can, so I want my lockout to be constantly running. Naturally, I got farmed and didn’t manage to complete a single stage. And I only had time for one IC, since I was late to the gates. You can guess why. Then as I calmed down (after two beers) and was about to do a few scenarios to get the next renown rank, a server message popped up. They were taking servers offline for maintenance. Magnificent!

I did learn a lesson though. If everything is going wrong, quit while you are ahead since it’s only going to get worse.

In any case, I’m in quite a perky mood today so I’ll try my hand at getting to RR60 (I’m 40% away). I’ll keep a beer handy and listen to Eluveitie so I’ll be chill as a cucumber if anything comes up. Or I’ll just quit and go play Just Cause 2 or rant on my blog.

PS: Biggsie, I’ll have my revenge. I swear it. :>


5 thoughts on “RAGE …not

  1. Hmm. Pretty sure my rant before quitting went in the lines of; “I’m not going to play a game to get frustrated.”, think breaks are needed every now and then as I’ve also gotten a bit pissed regarding the ways to gain renown.

  2. Did you say blazing orange?

    It is a known issue with the visual acuity of a humanthat when something is “bright”, that others are attracted to that brightness. Like a moth to a flame.
    For example, it has been noted that “red” vehicles will be pulled over by the cops moreso than say…blue.
    White vehicles have more accidents due to being hit more than any other color of car.

    By making yourself orange, you are standing out as “please kill me”…i.e: run me over, pull me over now because I am VERY bright.

    The reason order maybe ignored you? Were you in any groups? I ALWAYS look for the dead symbols more than watching who is around me…

    You had the DOUBLE WHAMMY of issues …thats for sure.


    Try some dark blue

    • I’d say that might be the problem if I hadn’t tried other darker colours as well (dark blue) with the same effect. I switched to Orange because if I’m getting farmed, let it at least be in style. :P

      I wasn’t in a group because a melee WP is pretty much useless in one, and I wouldn’t get a guard in a PuG and probably not many spare rezes and heals. I’m not saying that they should rez me the second I go down, but after asking several people standing around after a fight idling I do expect a rez. Meh.

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