The goingons

If you are wondering what I’ve been up to for the last few days (which you probably aren’t but w/e) here’s a list:

Before the transfer to Mythic I’ve been playing on EU ghost servers. I was trying to get some kills on my Mara so I could make a little PvP vid. Wasn’t very successful because T3 was very much dead. So I tried to AoE grind in LotD just to see if I can do it, the result of which you can see below (the wonders of embedding!). I also took part in some dueling on my IB and RP. When destro didn’t ruin everything by ganking left and right, that is (yes I’m talking about Orz). And I also filmed a little event by GOA in Eataine but it turned out to be nothing special, just some object spawning and running around as a mouse. Still spiced things up though, so thanks to GOA people for trying.

At the soft launch I played on equally empty Mythic servers. Until monday destro pretty much ruled Norn. It seems that at least half of them switched and started playing on new servers while almost no order did. So I’ve been playing some Just Cause 2, which is an awesome sandbox game btw. On monday though, order decided they had enough and took advantage of 3 underdog points and 100% renown bonus, that was on the servers to celebrate Independence day. We pushed to IC twice in the span of 4 or so hours. We even pushed zones we didn’t need to lock. The result was loads of renown. I managed to take part in all of it and went from barely RR52 to 20% over 55. Then I ragequit after realising (and doing all the numbers) that there was no benefit to using invader in my healing set up. So I’m stuck with 2anni/4conq until I can get 3 pieces of Darkpromise or some Tyrant gear, which isn’t going to happen anytime soon with me running in PuGs.

Yesterday I managed to get my first scenario weapon. I bought the conq healing one-hander at RR56. Yes, I dislike scenarios. Oh and I also did some RvR with my Marauder, kudos to the KA WL that dueled me in Avelorn.

Future plans? Since european servers are getting two more weeks of 100% renown bonus I’m planning on taking full advantage of it. I’m aiming for RR65 by the time it’s over. I also need to get myself a good two-hander so I can spec dps, which is one of the major reasons for rolling a WP in the first place. I like healing and all, but a giant hammer wielding holy man (or woman) is much more relevant to my interests. As players are saying that DoKs are so much better at DPS than WPs, I decided to show them that they can compete. I’m certain that the career has enough dps capability when geared, specced and played properly.

Since I already have proper dps gear (4inv/2conq) I only need a good weapon. And because it would take me about 500 more scenarios to get an invader grade two-hander, I decided to try my luck with getting either Lightbearer’s Fist from LV or the warlord weapon from a city siege purple bag. I’m certain that with my luck I’ll have to resort to scenario farming, but that’s how it is.

I’m also determined to finish the RvR video on my Marauder, simply because I am enjoying playing him so much. Maybe I’ll even get him to 40 in the future, who knows.


2 thoughts on “The goingons

  1. I am jealous of the extra two weeks of the renown bonus. Yesterday after going back to regular xp and renown for my archmage alt I just want to shoot myself.

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