Kind Sir, could you please pass the cheese?

Transformice. Something out of the ordinary, a flash game. Gasp!

Basic premise is simple. It’s a platform puzzler. You are a mouse and you love cheese. Get to the cheese and bring it back to your hole to win. Here’s the twist tho, it’s a multiplayer game. There will be multiple mice working together (or being assholes and killing each other) to munch on the cheese. One or two randomly chosen players will be Shaman mice, with special powers to conjure useful items. It’s their job to help their fellow mice… or massacre them, in case they are assholes. There are plenty of maps and the puzzles include struggles against physics, balancing acts, navigating in an upside down world, building bridges and micing a car like vehicle thingy. Watch the video below and be intrigued.

There are also French and Russian servers. English ones at least, are besieged by cheese and mice lovers so if you are stuck at “Loading: 0%” or get a 404 error just keep refreshing. Registering isn’t required but if you do, the cheese you gather gets pooled in the cheese bank so you can buy hats. Yes, hats. For mice.

Protip: You can create your own room with /room “any name” and have friends join it or just practice being a shaman.

If you see a mouse with the name Nevar running around in a top hat (well not yet, but soon!), be nice and say hello. Or I’ll push you into a pit.


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