Harass the Healer

I found that taking a short hiatus from WAR isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It gives you a better perspective on things and recharges your batteries. So now that I resubbed I’ve been full on gaming. I’ve decided to shelve my Runepriest for a bit and get my Warrior Priest’s RR up. I’m amazed time and time again at how much raw healing output the career can deliver in comparison to my RP. At least in my eyes, the career has only one shortcoming which is weak single target healing. But apart from that I see WPs as the current main healers, since in an AoE environment the healer that can deliver the most AoE healing will be most valuable. Of course, all healers need to work together to ensure no one dies, but without a WP you’ll be hard pressed to survive in a competitive situation (especially if other healers don’t have 5 piece tyrant).

For example; Runepriest’s or Archmage’s AoE healing output will decrease greatly once you start hitting them. A Spikey Squig or two will do the trick. The more you harass them, the weaker their healing becomes, especially since they’ll have to heal themselves aswell (and with AoE healing blocked they’ll use single target healing). With a WP, it’s the opposite. If you gear yourself properly and choose appropriate tactics and morales your healing will increase with the number of people hitting you, up to a certain threshold when you no longer benefit from the damage and can’t outheal it. I’m running around in annihilator with defensive talismans, defensive jewelry, toughness and willpower/initiative for renown training, a wounds/heal power liniment and a Salv/Grace spec. This means that I’m already quite tough to kill (I’ve had RR70+ WEs that weren’t running the heal debuff give up on trying to kill me solo). I run tactics that enable me to do what I outlined above. Run into the fray and hope for someone to harass me. Sure, I’ll drop without support when focus fired, but it takes coordination of several careers to kill me.

These are the tactics that enable a WP to do this:

  • Fueled Fury, which has a chance to give Righteous Fury when I’m attacked (RF is used for healing)
  • Exalted Defenses, which boosts healing by 20% each time I defend against an attack
  • Intimidating Repent, which turns the detaunt into an AoE detaunt, that means it’s possible to keep it up on a group of enemies permanently

When I’m harassed I’ll have a constant source of RF. I’m bound to defend against attacks more frequently the more I’m attacked, not to mention that I can boost my disrupt if I slot a tactic by 10% and buff my parry by 10% with Sigmar’s Vision. All this means I’ll be healing for 20% more pretty much all the time, while keeping most of the attackers detaunted. Most of my heals are also either instant or very short cast, which means it’s hard to interrupt them. Though, if you are getting interrupted, using Focused Mind morale makes you unstoppable.

Now, I understand that WPs are supposed to be frontline healers, but at the moment I see them as front, back, side, every line you could think of healers. Sure they won’t be able to heal out of the group, but does that even matter in WAR? Why would anyone want to roll a healer that has a slightly better single target healing capacity but a vastly underpowered group heal capability? Because of all the bombing, AoE healing under pressure is king, and until that is changed Warrior Priests will be FotM.

I’m only RR42, but already it’s astonishing what the career is capable of. I can’t wait to get invader to try out the dark (DPS) side.

In other news, I leveled my White Lion to 40. I’m stuck at 3 anni/2 deva set combo, not enough wards to do city instances for sentinel, not high enough rank to wear conq and not lucky enough to score some more anni armor (I’m seeing a problem with buying gear after patch, but I’ll talk about this some other time). I geared and specced the toon as a glass cannon so I’m sitting at 950 str with a liniment. I die if someone farts in my general direction, but my oh my, can I put out some burst. I’ve seen some 1k Fey Illusion crits and over 1k Cull the Weak crits. The career is frustrating, but fun as hell at times. I’d like to get him up so I can enjoy the career more, but I fear I might not have the time. We’ll see.


2 thoughts on “Harass the Healer

  1. I like your tactics of choice. Things to keep in mind:

    Exalted defenses really works well with a combination of also slotting Shield of Faith (lvl 27 core ability) to raise your Disrupt rate and to help ensure that you are always basically boosting 20% extra, but also getting a great supply of RF. Literally, I would look for Magus and Sorc pools of magic crap (indirect cast, easy to disrupt), sit in it and spam amazing heals.

    Since I am currently levelling a DoK, and recently just turned him into a spec heal only DoK, I’m really noticing the major advantage the WP has as a dedicated healer. It’s the tactics.

    The DOK doesn’t get an mirror to the Exalted Defense or the Shield of Faith. Further more, the Dark Rites path, does not have the ability to purchase a Cleansing Power. (the ability to group cleanse, at the cost of one cleanse). Which is probably the best tactic in the game for any healer. It’s use in PvP and mostly PvE goes without question.

    Seeing these lack of tactics, almost made me retire the DOK experiment immediately. However, the lack of these tactic, sure does make it easy to slot your DOK, mainly because there aren’t alot of choices. Simplicity is a little nice.

    Enjoy your WP. Keep in mind though, all the healing is in the AOE heal, it basically is your direct heal cast. The issue is, in heavy collision or just banners blocking the view, the cast gets easily bugged. If you pay attention to your combat log, you’ll notice the AOE heal miss fires quite a bit in dungeons with banners and in heavy Keep sieges.

  2. Yeah I’ve noticed quite a few bugs with the AoE heals. But hey, it would be too perfect otherwise.

    I’m familiar with Shield of Faith, I mentioned it above (not by name). Also I usually get Sigmar’s Vision to buff my parry before detaunting so destro meleeing me boost my healing and survivability aswell.

    Another things DoKs don’t get is Refreshing Radiance. A huge boost in PvE and RvR, but I’m running out of tactic slots to have it always up. :(

    But then again, WPs lack melee tactics DoKs get and they don’t have the awesome 1001 Blessings morale + a highway to it. :)

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