Burning Topic

I’m still sweating. Because it’s incredibly hot. Which neatly brings me to BWs.

Who, in their right minds, gives an EXCLUSIVE fire and forget, damage on expiry DoT to an archetype that is generally considered to be the most powerful damage wise. This allows them to have an even easier time setting up spells and bursting down targets.

Well Mythic does apparently. And no, I haven’t been killed by a BW lately as I still haven’t resubbed. But when you start thinking about it, it becomes more and more absurd. So yeah, go balance!

Here’s a slightly related picture I forgot to post before the patch (click for bigger version):

I found this on official EU WAR forums, if I remember correctly. But I couldn’t find it again and I forgot the name of the poster (and author I think). Post a comment if you know who is the author of this so I can credit him. :)


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