Thinking is overrated

Lately I’ve been feeling like I’m running headlong into a wall. Repeatedly. Constantly. Ah the wonderful education system. But enough of that! As you are probably aware, the new producers letter is out. I just had to comment on it.

First of all, and I cannot stress this enough, this is a preview of things to come. With this letter the developer gives us some insight into what they are working on and what might be included in future patches. Basing any kind of final conclusion off Carrie’s post is pants-on-head retarded.

Armor revamp. Yay! And they seem to be going about it in a way that will make everyone happy. What’s not to like about this one.

Playing both sides on the same server. They scrapped the idea due to player concerns (read forum whining). I never really had anything against it. The reason of “realm pride will be completely destroyed” just doesn’t seem legitimate to me. But I won’t go into details since the idea won’t be implemented.

C&C. Another minor yay. The letter outlines some changes that might be made to the RP/Zealot careers. Which is a yay. Minor because I don’t think they should have isolated just two careers. They obviously didn’t want to just indicate that a big C&C patch was coming, because that would sound just like more hollow promises. But this created the impression that they are focusing on those two careers and created quite a negative picture.

In any case, the gist of the change seems to be implementing a toggle for two modes. A damage and a healing mode, along with flipping stats from healing to magic (possibly looking too much into it). But the sentence where mr. Engle categorizes the two careers as the ones that “…train a mastery path for a delivery method rather than a play style.” hints that the mastery tree layout probably won’t be changed. Which is in my opinion one of the weaker points of the two careers in question.

Players are now concerned with the fact that Mythic didn’t have much success in careers with stances (Mara/SW, BO/SM to a lesser extent) and that this one is likely to be a flop aswell. But honestly, RPs are a boring career as the only semi-viable thing is to heal. And change is not something we’ve seen much of. It was mostly nerfs under the pretension of fixing broken abilities and tactics. So at this point, anything is better than nothing. Even if this results in a nerf, players will adapt, quit or reroll. But we need some controversy and we need to bring some focus on the career. Up until now we’ve been described with either “Who?”, “Meh.” or “Oh.” Constantly being the guy in the background isn’t a good feeling.

I have to also note that I was a bit disappointed there was no mention of any RvR overhaul in the letter, as that is the number one issue for me atm. Renown flies fast and furiously, gear is readily available even without a guild and people will be getting tired very fast. T4 ORvR that is fun to just play would go a long way to saving the game. But hopefully this is all under way and will be mentioned earlier or done in a later patch.


2 thoughts on “Thinking is overrated

  1. What I’m more worried about when it comes to their C&C team is their comment during (the EU ventrilo?) Q&A where the question regarding the Magus’ state and the reply was something in the lines with; “We feel that the Magus is fine” and something about improving pet behaviour.

    It makes me concerned that we’ll never see Mythic actually listening closely to the class forums, which will result in all the subpar classes staying subpar. And that, is no way to fix an MMO.



  2. Yeah, I do hope that this C&C patch addresses all underpowered careers, namely Magus, SW, Engi, Mara, WL and not just RP/Zealot. Time will tell. :S

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