Ze patch – The sequel

I’ve played my first revamped city siege yesterday and I just thought I’d give a bit of a feedback:

My impression is that in general, it’s a very good patch. It adds a ton of new, mostly needed, features. The City Sieges are fun as hell IF you are lucky:

– The problem is that if you are in a PuG (like me yesterday) you’ll get the same bitter taste in your mouth after getting continuously camped and killed. There is no system in place to match premades vs premades, so the likelihood of not having fun due to encountering enemies under or over your skill/gear level is still much, much too high. And with introducing the quitter debuff and lockout for people that swap instances Mythic is effectively punishing you for not wanting to get farmed. If there was a system in place that 90% of the time pits you against enemies on your level (for instance 3 PuG groups with 1 premade group on each side or whole PuG/premade WBs against each other), then I’d say yes, go for it. Punish the instance swappers. But without it you are punishing people that wouldn’t be swapping unless they were getting farmed with no fighting chance.

– Change to SE/SP is noticable, even against destro with Sorcs having an easier time (no cd on Ice Spikes and having instant Infernal Wave) but the main cause of death for most people will still be AoE. The only thing this patch has changed is that instead of having BWs/Sorcs chase you down with PBAoE you have melee and tanks chasing you down if you manage to get out of AoE range. Maybe all MDPS will have a bigger role in bomb premades now, but I still feel like killing people is much too easy with AoE. A further change is needed. It’s easy to lose the view of the bigger picture and just start whining until AoE is nerfed into the ground so it’s not viable. I just want to see other ways of winning be as equally viable as just plain Rift/Magnet into stacking PBAoE hell.

– Dwarfs on ponies are gay. Evidence presented below.

Picture courtesy of Artiee, pay them a visit!

That would be all for now. Now on to fixing ORvR! I’ll be posting a bigger post on that sometime soon (hopefuly).


2 thoughts on “Ze patch – The sequel

  1. Hey there Ze, you stout, cuddly lil’ runepriest you.

    Just found you now and added you to me meager blogroll. I know, I’m a lazy blind one.

    And here’s to me finding you and heal racing you to death.

    • Hey there Sara, the blog is fairly new so no worries. I saw your blog for the first time actually aswell. Thanks for adding me, added your blog to my blogroll too.

      My RP has been on the backburner for a while, but activity should increase now that we were buffed. :)

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