Ze patch!

As I’m writing this, the news has just gone up for the NA version of the game, that 1.3.5 is arriving on their servers tomorrow. As the working day is long over across the ocean, GOA doesn’t have anything yet. Hopefully this means that European players can get our hands on the changes tomorrow.

Overall, it seems that spirits are high. The level of optimism (or should I say concealed hope, no one want’s to get burned) is high and can really be felt. WAR blogs are sprouting all around the web, posts on various forums seem to have gotten less gloomy and people are really trying to discuss what WAR needs to do now, to be as successful as it was hoped for pre-launch. That’s how I perceive the current situation anyway. Or maybe it’s just because I recently read an interview MMOGamer have done with Carrie Gouskos. Her optimism is really contagious, but at the same time she shows a great amount of level-headedness, it’s really hard not to trust her. An interesting read in any case. And here’s to hoping EU gets the patch tomorrow and it turns out to be great.

Update: As predicted, 1.3.5 will be applied to EU servers tomorrow, on May the twentieth.

Also, the patch notes have been updated before it went live. They mention a new mount, that can be bought with RvR currency. Werit has some info on it. And apparently some potions were added that can be bought in LotD with scarabs. They aren’t mentioned in the patch notes so maybe they aren’t going live, we’ll see. Gaar has more on that.

Oh and I almost forgot, players outside their tier’s level will no longer be rewarded for zone locks. Take that you T1 afkers!


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