Size matters

I have played most order careers up to at least tier 3. The one I haven’t is a slayer. So I thought I’d see what all the controversy is about. But instead of deleting one of my characters (all slots full) I rather decided to roll their mirror, after all, they are supposed to be very similar. Furthermore, I thought that the Choppa would fit my play style better, since I prefer solo roaming and small group RvR or scenarios. In my eyes, Choppa armor debuff helps in any encounter, but the Slayer heal debuff only helps against healers or coordinated groups of healers. Arguably, an armor debuff is going to have just as big of a value on a single healer than the healing debuff. And I really didn’t fancy stacking weaponskill for armor penetration. I intended to play him to tier 3 at least, since that’s when you really get specialisation options, and then decide whether I’m going to continue leveling him. What happened was, that I played him to late tier 2 and then decided to drop him and rather reroll a Slayer. Below are my reasons for that.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the feel or play style of the Choppa. It was to do with the race. Choppas, as you know, are big hulking orcs. Most of my gripes stemmed from that fact.

1. If you are big, people are scared of you. If they are scared of you, they run away from you. It is in my interest to look like I DON’T pose a threat, rather than do. It is in my interest to not cause people to run away from me and for them to realise their mistake to late to do anything about it. Of course, good players will always pre-kite any melee dps/most tank careers. But when going against the ones that don’t, it really helps to not look like a big hulking brute ready to ravage you to death. Admittedly, in a way, Slayers do look like that aswell. But there is a noticable difference that most of the time works in your advantage.

2. If you are big, you are easy to target. If you are easy to target, you will get focus fired more often. Again, it’s in my interest to be hard to target. Especially enemy ranged dps will have an easier time to target you and with them being more dangerous most of the time, that is not a good feature to have. Size doesn’t  have much of an effect on melee dps targeting, since most of the time you’ll be close enough to be hard to miss. This does work against you though. When healers not in your group are trying to heal you, they’ll encounter the same problems as enemy dps. But I’m fairly confident that the advantage outweighs the disadvantage in this case. At least, for me it does.

3. If you are big, you get stuck/hindered by objects and other characters more often. If you do, you’ll have a harder time when charging an enemy or trying to catch a kiting target. I’m not hundred percent sure that if the hitbox or model size increases and thus the surface gets bigger, means that it’s easier to get stuck on/obstructed from passing other characters/objects. But for me, having spent most of my time playing slender and smallish order models, the switch was really noticable. Frequently I would be nerd-raging because I couldn’t pass between two other players to get to my target before I could be killed. Or when I would get stuck on places and objects that looked perfectly fine and un-stuckable to. This mostly happened when I was trying to catch someone, naturally.

4. This is a minor point, but Choppa as a career seemed much more bland, compared to a Slayer. I felt like the Choppa armor really doesn’t distinguish itself much from the Black Orc one. Especially at higher levels when the armor gets bigger and has more bitz glued on it. And I really couldn’t get into their lore and feel of the career. I guess it really depends on the player. Again, this is a very minor point, since both careers look cool enough.

So I decided to roll a Slayer, despite deciding against it at first. Also, I felt much more at home with Slayer lore and feel. Maybe someone will complain that the above points are purely cosmetic and insignificant in comparison with the differences in abilities of the two careers. The answer to that is, that I feel like the differences are even more miniscule as my above points. What the Choppa has going for him, in my mind’s eye, is the cooldown decrease buff and the armor debuff, which is essential to any melee career. While the Slayer has the healing and cooldown increasing debuff (which is, in my opinion, last form of intelligent CC in the game, barbs were one too, before they were nerfed into the ground) and a slightly superior tactic set.

The spec I am going for is Trollslayer with a secondary in Skavenslayer, picking up DW, RoA and SL (later prolly Rampage and maybe FM). Should work nicely when mostly playing solo.

Anyway, my Slayer is almost out of tier 2 and drenching his axes in pints of destruction blood while seeking his doom and not getting stuck on anything.


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