Runepriests and 1.3.5

I know, I know, this is just too cliché. Uninventive blogger blogs about miniscule patch changes that likely won’t affect gameplay. Offers no constructive suggestions, merely whines and cries about cruel fate. But hey, first page needs to be filled before I can officially disappear for three months and not post anything. So there!

At first glance Runepriest changes are underwhelming. And they stay underwhelming at second and any of the consecutive glances aswell. You can view them here btw.

The changes may be justified, it’s quite apparent that Runepriests and Zealots are in general somewhat worse at healing than other healer archetypes. And the additional problem is, that unlike them, our damage is very, very low. I’d go as far as to say that its lowest in the game (taking into accounts various classes’ strongest dps line). And to add to the insult, Runepriests don’t really have a class mechanic. It’s just some buffs anyone can throw around – even zealots, who are supposed to have Harbingers (they have two mechanics?!?). Patch changes only address our ability to heal on the fly, which was already good enough. Do they want to turn us into one button spammers?

Sure the damage has been increased, but a 10% increase on 10 cm is still f*ck all (eh what?). They still haven’t addressed the problem of RPs having no way to debuff the enemy resistances, but at the same time using elemental resistance, which is Destructions favourite resist to stack. Solution is simple. Give us a speccable DoT that decreases enemy resistances by a sane amount (say 300 fully specced), hell, mirror it with the Zealots. Or, alternatively (and a worse alternative at that) move our damage type to spiritual. Done, you just increased Runepriest DPS by 30% without imbalancing base values OR the career. I believe that a 30% increase in DPS would be in order.

Then, gives a mechanic. Something, anything. Mirror it off White Lions if you have to (woah, RP with a pet, a rune maybe – saying DIE). Just stop pretending that one hour +70 to stat NON STACKABLE buffs are our mechanic.

And for the love of Grungni, do something about our FUBAR mastery trees. I know Runepriests/Zealots are supposed to be unique in that aspect, but unique isn’t always good (as this Nirvana/Rick Astley mashup proves). When you design spec tries around DoT/DD/AoE instead of standard Damage/Healing/Utility you are just making it hard on yourself and unnecessarily complicating things (don’t fix what’s not borked!). Revise them according to the above, all dmg spells into damage tree, healing into healing and utility/drain into it’s own tree. So we can stop feeling like the “special” red headed bastard of WAR.

Oh and if you care about those things, supposedly we were in the first batch of careers to receive dying changes on all our armor models. If you ask me, RP armor is very meh, nothing like what Destruction has (I’m looking at you Chosen, Maras, Zealots). And we supposedly get new models for dwarf scenario weapons.

There, that’s my portion of whine for this patch. Here’s to hoping that the new City Sieges are awesome.


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