Rerouting all power to the shields has never been this easy

Recently a game called FTL: Faster Than Light came out. I decided beforehand that I don’t like it. I don’t particularly enjoy roguelike games, so it was a given that I wouldn’t like this one. So what if it has a space theme to it and is basically a simulation of captaining a space ship? Oh I was wrong…

Faster Than Light

Image lifted off Steam cause my craptop spazzes out when I printscreen.

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Why I will fall in love with Guild Wars 2

There was a GW2 beta event going on last weekend. Unfortunately I haven’t been invited yet (not that I would be able to participate much) so I’m stuck with sneaking peeks at the official ArenaNet stream. The more I see of GW2 the more I’m convinced it’s a love affair in the making. Let me tell you why.

Screenshot of Charr from Guild Wars 2.

Reusing old content because I’m lazy. And want to avoid being sued. There.

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EVO Weekend


This weekend is EVO weekend! Rejoice, for probably the biggest fighting games event in the history of mankind is going down this weekend right before your mortal eyes! You can watch it here (I think).

Here’s something to help you get HYPE:

(And yes, I know that wasn’t EVO).

Virtual gold makes the world go round

Real Money Auction House

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you probably know that Blizzard’s long-awaited best-seller Diablo 3 features a real money auction house, which was implemented recently after a delay of a few weeks. You might not think that a real money AH is a big deal, I’m here to convince you otherwise.

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Weekend Music Madness

Yay, it’s Friday again! Oh wait… Well who cares, pretend it’s Friday for a few minutes because music galore! It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, mostly because of how little interest they managed to raise. And also because this feels too much like forcing music on others. But then I realised no one is forcing anyone to do anything! You’re all wild animals, free to do whatever you want! Go Willy, swim out into the ocean, swim! Or you could have a peek inside for good music. It’s up to you Willy…

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A quote a day…

…makes you not remember any of them. So here’s a single one I liked that I can guarantee you haven’t read yet. Since there’s not much content on here anyways, I figured I can at least use it for my own amusement.

this is what the wonders of the internet has brought us. people too stupid to absorb any of the knowledge at their fingertips, and instead using the technology to broadcast their stupidity to others.

This quote was brought to you by a random (but very wise) person called sesshin in response to all the stupid shit you can see on twitter/facebook (more particularly to people expressing their amazement at the fact that Titanic was a real ship and not only a movie).

And of course, remembering that all of my posts are longer than you could possibly imagine given the subject at hand, here’s a bit of my usual preachy crap.

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